Thursday, April 10, 2008

She works hard for no money, so hard for no money

Man, it feels like its been forever since I have written in this thing. But what can I say, if you read the last post, you'll know just how busy I have been.

Somehow, as daunting as it seemed, I tackled and completed my school WEEK OF HELL. It's all behind me now, thank God, but for shits and giggles you can view two of my projects: A fake distribution company and a fake marketing plan for a fake movie which HAD to be called Broccoli -

Of course I just HAD to do it blogstyle, which inspired a lot of my fellow classmates to make their own blogs. And I am happy to say, my teacher loved it too - in fact, he was howling with laughter and called his wife after my presentation to tell her all about it. Once again, last minute projects pay off for (did I mention I did them all in one day?)

So that was that. I am not done school just yet as I have a couple of night classes with regards to career building that will be conducted the week after my internship. Then followed by a graduation ceremony/dinner on the 25th. And then, somehow, this horribly intense four months of school will be....over.

Meanwhile, I am doing my internship.

I like it. I enjoy the people and am doing all sorts of research stuff like calling newstations in Akron, Ohio and trying to acquire footage from the 2003 Blackout or calling Hydro companies and inquiring about shooting locations in their control centers, or going to the library and researching schematic drawings of D-4 and C-45 transport planes. You know, the usual. Not to mention compiling the best database ever of every television broadcaster, and the contact information for every credited director in Canada. Soon to come (at my own prompting) will be script coverage and analysis.

But while I am showing up everyday and working hard for 8 hours a day - UNPAID - while desperately broke and unable to pay bills, I can't help but be a bit disheartened that there is a lot of emphasis on my only being there for two weeks.

See, I was hoping that this could possibly lead to long-term employment. But all I hear is, "Well, when Lusty is gone in two weeks, we'll need to get more help" or "This is lusty, she's helping us in development...for two weeks" or "I'm not sure if you need keys since you will only be here for two weeks" or "I'm not sure how much research you can get done in two weeks" or "Since you'll only be with us for two weeks.,..yadda yadda yadda I GET IT!" I mean, these people KNOW I am actively looking for employment, have expressed interest in getting help from them to find me employment - and then they complain about how overworked their junior development girl is and how hard its going to be for her once I leave. WAY TO RUB IT IN MY FACE!

Of course, it doesn't help that in a seperate department of the company, they took on a fellow classmate of mine as an intern. And pretty much told her if she works hard, she'll have a job. WHAT ABOUT ME?

And then there is another classmate who did her internship in craptastic Toronto. She started at the distribution company on Monday and ALREADY she is Director of marketing and PR, is flying to LA this weekend to promote their new film and going to Cannes Film Festival next month where she will be selling the film and arranging parties for famous people.

I mean....gah. I have no words. And she deserves it, she'd be really good at it. But it seems a bit unfair, that she with no film or corporate business (she was a waitress) is suddenly...SUDDENLY...doing so well.'s just not fair. And I know this cuz here I am, dying for a job in the business while everyone else seems to get things handed to them. Some people have awesome luck that totally benefits their lives. What's my luck? Being on Inside Edition or witnessing a bank robbery. Nothing useful, just weirdass strange occurances.

But...I'm trying not to complain or shake my fist at God too much - cuz it doesn't work. What I am doing is just barreling down, making the most of my internship and praying that SOMEDAY my hard work and talent (yes, I have that too) will pay off. I know I have said this for what seems like many, many years, is not buts. This has to work out, one day.

And as such, I have actually volunteered for another internship for the week after I am done this current one. It's with Insight Films which is kind of a big deal and once again, it probably wont lead to me being hired or anything. But I am hoping, just hoping, that eventually all this FREE hard work I am doing will pay off.

PS thanks to Rachel and Charm School for their Ebay winnings! Hope you enjoy them!


Coffee in Kits said...

Really enjoyed your projects!

And yes, you are absolutely right; one day all your talent and hard work will pay off, BIG TiME. Don't loose faith; there's probably something big awaiting you around the corner... life's like that!

Delicieux said...

Hang in there, girlie, good things come to those who wait. When you DO get your kick ass job, it'll be exactly what you want and pay more than you could ever expect. :) Your internships and volunteer-isms help more than you may think. I live in the marketing world as well... and I must say, it IS hard getting noticed if you're not the big-wig making the decisions.

Keep looking on the bright side of things and someday soon things will be exactly what you want them to be!!

Len said...

Maybe they just told the other girl she's get a job if she works hard enough to make her work hard... I don't know the situation in Canada but there are enough companies over here that function well with unpaid intern that never get jobs - not because they're unqualified or do bad work, but because they don't want to pay an extra job.

I DON'T think you're not talented or not hard-working enough! Chin up!!

Odette said...

Hey I understand... after many a hard fought battle I ran away to France, but I realize now that sometimes we have to take the long way around and every now and then the journey is more important than the destination. Keep your chin up you are going about this in the right way and with the right attitude and yes you are right. It WILL pay off. (OH PS 4 months till I get back... therefore the mik smackdown looms!)

clw said...

Your project hallewood was so good! Congrats. I know good things are sure to come your way!


It could be worse...when I was in colleg my internship didn't pay a penny! And I had to pay for gas, parking, lunch, etc. I was in the negative -$ every day. Sucked.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

Ugh. Working is bad enough. Working for free just seems wrong on every level. But, of course, they are great experience builders. You'll have a lot more to offer the company who is lucky enough to employ you.

[Side Note : How in the heck do you get moved up to the head of a department in a week?! I don't care how qualified you are....what happened to working your way up the ladder?]

PS: If you made me pay more for your awesome purses, you'd have more money.

PPS: I haven't been able to show off the beyond awesome Mango bag because it's done nothing but pour down rain. Gotta love Springtime in Chicago!

Vegas Princess said...

Your project blog is AMAZING! Keep up work like that you will get a real job in no time. Because you can not keep hidden how wonderful and talented you are. :)

Memphis Steve said...

I'm really sorry that you are struggling through all of this. I know how that feels. I have no idea how it feels to get appointed to be director of anything, though. That part I can't imagine. For whatever it's worth, I could tell a long time ago that you are a winner and good things happen to winners, so I feel really certain that all your hard work and determination is going to pay off and one day you are going to be rich and famous and I'm going to be saying how I knew you through the internet. And of course everyone will say that doesn't count. But I will be happy for you and your success when it comes, because I know it's coming soon.

Markbnj said...

Good to 'see' you again.

And, I am posting on my blog again..

And (ugh) I've discovered I now have 4 blogs up and running...

congrats on the long progress you've made, and the long term bf...
Markb in nj

Ran Diamond said...

allow me to pass on a piece of career advice that has served me well... grow up!

Wanderlusting said...

RAN DIAMOND - As you must VERY well know(considering you leave anonymous, random, stupid comments on people's blogs that make no sense whatsoever) growing up is WAAAAY overrated :)

Ran Diamond said...

i'll tell you what else is overrated... ego centric megalomaniacs. the world doesn't revolve around you. why should expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter? are you better than the rest of us that have to work for our dreams? get over yourself.

Wanderlusting said...

“Ego centric megalomaniacs” – that’s a pretty big word, I’m impressed.

You know the world may not revolve around me but my blog sure does. If you don’t want to hear MY thoughts on my life, don’t read MY blog. It’s pretty simple and you’d be a lot happier.

Anyhoo, I’ve dealt with people like you before - you’re a dime a dozen. Thanks for keeping me entertained during my internship – you gave me something to do while I’m SLAVING away for free here, even with all my bills and mortgages to pay. Sigh. Poor me 