Monday, March 31, 2008

Times they are a changing

It's nearing the end of this particular time of my life...

I am on the last "official week" of my schooling, which mean buckling down and doing a whole bunch of projects at the last minute.

Today I completed my Entertainment Law course (and found out that while I rock at doing script clearances, my notion of music rights is ridiculous...synch rights, publishing rights...whatever, apparently I'm terrible at math).

Tomorrow I have my last marketing class (complete with presentation on a project that I've barely touched on).

Wednesday I have my Film and TV finance final exam AND group project as well (let me just say, never do a co-production with the UK).

Thursday I have my distribution project due and that's gonna kick my ass cuz I haven't started and it involves setting up my own fake distributing company and creating a cash flow over three flow? I told you I was bad at math!

Saturday I've got my production management final exam (which will be a joke and we will all fail miserably) plus our project and on Sunday I have my EP Scheduling and Budgeting exam.

I know that probably sounds like a lot of nonsense to the lot of you, but I think you get the idea that I'm a busy girl.

THEN next monday, it's the first day of my internship. This I am super-excited about...though I'm not a fan of TV, I know that I will learn a lot (and am so glad to be in the development department) and I am just dying to earn money. Of course, this is just a two-week unpaid internship but I know that if I work my ass off, it will pay off. No more boring jobs for me! And luckily, because Vancouver is the 3rd largest film center in North America (right behind New York), there are tons of production companies to weasel my way into.

But these aren't the only changes.

Tomorrow it's the Rockstars and I's nine month anniversary...

Next Monday it's his 25th Birthday....

On the 14th JOSH returns to live with me in my studio again. Which was to be just temporary until he finds a place BUT....

As you may or may not know, I am selling my wee apartment. You know all the reasons why.

Anyhoo, as soon as employment is secured (end of April) so I can get a new mortgage, I am buying a one-bedroom plus den in the same neighbourhood.

It's going to be a dream come true to actually own a BIGGER AND BETTER place to call my own. The concept of a bedroom, let alone a den, is amazing...hell, I'm excited to have a door! And more walls for my art! And a bigger closet!

Best part of it all is, because Josh is coming back on his working visa (you may remember he moved to Van from New Zealand, moved back to New Zealand in January and decided he missed Vancouver so much that he is coming back in two weeks) he's going to be living in my den. I'll make sure that the room is big enough for a bed, but basically, I'm gonna have a roomate until November-ish.

Now, normally I would have balked at this before, since I am a very solitary person. But to be honest, when Josh lived with me in my studio last year for a month, it was a hell of a lot of fun and I don't see anyone else I would get along better with - other than my Rockstar, but of course, come November, he may just be my next roomate :P

Huzzah for the next couple of months! New job, new script, new outlook on life.


arbyn said...


Yay for the internship, yay that school is almost done (you'll come out on weekends again yeah?), yay about Josh (massive fun), yay yay yay!

Kass said...

Sounds like you're going to have an awesome 2008! So jealous about Josh going back to Van! Dirty lil kiwi!

kimberlie said...

aw that sounds exciting!

Kass said...

Hang on. I've just clicked on something.

Are you saying that you might live with Mike?

Are you engaged?!

Or have you just changed your opinion (just slightly)? :)

Wanderlusting said...

Ha ha - if i was engaged, believe me you and everyone else would know it for I would be shouting it from the rooftops.

Think I changed my opinion slightly...helps that I've actually found a guy worth changing opinions for. But like I said, we'll see, all I know is that I am going to be in my new place for a LONG time!

Coffee in Kits said...

Don't you just love Vancouver?!

Kass said...

True, quite true :)

It's going to be awesome for you to actually have more space, and a room! With walls and a door! Huzzah! I know when we moved from out stupid little studio flat in London, it was a huge buzz to get an actual room..and have your kitchen separate :)

Vegas Princess said...

Your schedule made my head spin. I loved school but am so glad I don't have that much work to do any more. :)

Congrats on the new place! Can't wait to hear (maybe see some pics) all about it. And get all the fun stories about Josh's stay.

You are going to rock your internship, I just know it!

almost famous kiwi said...

ahhh there was once a time when I had a best friend who liked when I came to stay...and then she met my little brother (I wont mention what happened when she met the elder) I hate being a middle child, always neglected waaaaaaaaaa

Please excuse my middle child rant

Odette said...

OOOH I don't envy your work load! I remember what those last weeks of school were like! Good luck!

Yay Josh coming back, I didn't get to see him too much last time but every time I did he was a lot of fun!

So much exciting stuff happening right now!

( . )( . ) said...

Rah! Everything is going to plan it appears!! I love room mates, but I also love being on my own, its hard to find a common ground.

Karinaxoxo said...

So does that mean when I come to Canada I have a place to stay in Vancouver?!?! Lol jokes!

You sound very happy! And that is the most important thing!