Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taking the initiative

So...things are looking up. Which is such a relief because I was so depressed about two days ago. Two potential job leads turned out to be ANOTHER internship - one they wanted someone to work in Casting for A MONTH for no pay, the other was being an administrative person for a film organization - two days a week, no pay.

Do people REALLY need interns to do admin work? I mean, come on, fork over the $10 an hour and actually hire someone to do it.

You know, if I didn't have massive apartment fees, a mortage and my EI running out in two weeks, I would be totally down for more internships. I mean, in an internship you are really respected because HEY you are working for free and they are just glad to have you there (so I've been told). But you have to draw the line somewhere and come April 25th I would have put in 120 hours of free labour.

Anyway, that cheesed me off that some companies think students will take anything (and we are continuing ed students which means we aren't 21 years old and living with ma and pa - we have done school in the past, been in the workforce for at least a few years and have mortgages to pay, mouths to feed etc). Toss us a frickin bone here - I mean...really.

BUT things are started to look up. I've really hunkered down the last couple of days and started using all my networking skills to line up potential jobs, people, anything.

Let's just say it's paying off - there are a few promising scenarios on the horizon, one involving my script, three (and potentially more) involving awesome jobs in the Film/TV/commercial industry. But I don't want to say any more lest they all go nowhere - however, since I've had such an unusually dynamic, lucky and ironic day, that if anything good does come out of this, I will be sure to tell you all about it. Just want the story to have a happy ending.

PS - I got my hair cut...see:

PPS - You have to try these vodka freezies - just like when you were a kid and had freeze pops - only it has booze in it. Yummy, yummy booze.


Farrell said...

I wish you the best of luck! your hair looks fab!

Miss N said...

Your interning days will be long gone soon I suspect so good luck! Then it will be all about making sure you don't get undercut by newbies or the usually unhirable who say yes to shit pay just to get a job. It happens in pretty much all areas of the industry! Above and below the line.

Hair = as hot as the dress!

Delicieux said...

Your hair looks great! I'm not brave enough to go below the shoulders with mine!!

Rachel said...

Your hair does look amazing - kinda makes me wanna cut mine! Very chic :) Just wanted to say thanks for the little note with the package and the extra gift, I love them all!

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I've gotten so many compliments on that bag, it's almost ridiculous! Thanks again.

Good luck with your job situation. I'm sure you'll get something fantastic!

Love the hair, btw.

Odette said...

The hair looks hot! Good luck with everything! I'm sending you good job vibes! :)

Coconut said...

I'm sure you'll find something new. Love the hair! Hottie!!

Ran Diamond said...

newsflash: you can't intern while collecting EI. that is fraud girlfriend, ask your case officer. looks like you might have to cut back on trips to the salon and vodka coolaid and learn to sacrifice to succeed, like the rest of us. oh wait, you're above "our" rules.

Wanderlusting said...

Ran Diamond - you crack me up - guess what, the internship is part of the school program. The EI I am on right now is a special extension of the EI that I was recieving before I started school and - if you bothered reading back in my blog - you will see that I was fortunate enough that my government approved to extend my EI while I was at school as part of The Special Skills Development program - either that or they would have paid for my tuition. I wanted more EI instead. LUCKY ME!

Man, typing that took it out of me. I'm gonna have one of them Vodka freezies!! You seem like you could use one too.

Vegas Princess said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending positive vibes up north!

Your hair is amazing and I absolutely adore that dress. The color is fantastic.

Oh and I am increasingly amused as to how you handle dingleberries like ran diamond. Good job putting that loser in his place!

kimberlie said...

I really dont understand why people post negative comments!
I say good luck with the job hunting and your hair looks great!

Karinaxoxo said...

The hair looks great!!!