Monday, April 21, 2008

It's almost May...

So someone please explain.....


Now before any of you start making Cold Canada jokes let me remind you that the above also happened all over Washington state this past Friday - and normally we only see snow RARELY and in January. NOT IN APRIL! And not when the rest of the freakin' country is breaking out the sandals and shorts.

Honestly, I don't know who to blame or get angry at. I've tried shaking my fist at God but he just shrugs like somehow Global Warming is OUR fault or something. SHEESH!

Anyway, as you know I am a boot-wearing gal so I decided to embrace "Spring" and wear a dress and sandals on Friday to my bf's rawk show. Little did I know, the MINUTE I got in my car and drove to his house it started to HAIL. And then while we were at the show, it started to snow. SNOW. In April. In Vancouver which should be at least 20C (70F for ya yanks) at this time of year. SNOOOOOOOOW!

But despite the snowy weirdness and my shaken faith that the weather will eventually get better, the rockstar and I headed out to the Washington State town of Bellingham to use a free hotel coupon and eat at the Olive Garden. Luckily it was sunny (though fucking cold) and the night away from the city did us a lot of good. It's amazing how just a night in a hotel, even if it's near your own place, is so rejuvenating. And though I had been to Bellingham many, many times before (or should I say I've been to the mall, many, many times before) we still took some time out to explore the cute historic town of Fairhaven where silly photos took place.

Did I also mention that Josh is back in town and rooming with me?

It's a bit difficult at the moment because I am so damn tired from work that all I want to do is sleep - and Josh is the essence of a night owl. But we make it work.
I mean I know he is really trying to be as quiet as possible at night but I can still hear him through my earplugs (remember, we share a room - cuz my apartment is just that)plus when the light is on, I just can't sleep. I really wish I wasn't such a light sleeper. Thankfully I bought a new sleep mask and stronger earplugs so lets hope they work so I can at least get a good nights sleep for tomorrow.

Today was the first day at Insight Film Studios and I was so unbelievably tired - though that might have had something to more with going to bed completely and utterly stoned last night. Anyhoo, the internship is OK though its a big studio so I feel kind of lost and unimportant - the last place I was at was much more personable and smaller and I know they really appreciated me. I miss them already!

Also, at the new place I have a feeling that they think I will be working for longer than I thought I would be - I heard them mention "throughout the month." Lemme just say that the MINUTE I get a job, my free labour days are done.

And because I have a meeting with a producer tomorrow morning, a job might be closer than I think. At least I hope so because with my EI clock ticking down, I may just have to take a temp job as a last resort - hell, anything with money is a good thing.

But I'm not going to go into too much more of this since you've already heard it...instead, let's talk about SUMMER and all the exciting concerts coming up.

So far, I am going to:

1) Mark Knopfler in July (Dire Straights)
2)Jack Johnson in August
3) Radiohead (woot) in August
4) Potentially STP in August (double woot)
5) Potentially NIN at the Pemberton Festival in July

What shows/concerts are YOU excited about????


Michael said...

The only one of those concerts I'd like to see would be Mark Knopfler. I was but a wee lad of 13 when "Sultans of Swing" came out - were you even born yet? :) And of course, "Money for Nothing" was huuuuge on MTV but unfortunately I never got to see them live.

But I did just road trip last weekend, driving up to Dallas (TX) to see Bruce Springsteen on Sunday night then driving home to see him in Houston on Monday. And I missed Jimmy Buffett tonight because I had to work late.

PS, in Texas it's in the 80s already.

Meg said...

Hey, I'm going to Mark Knopfler, too! In fact, I'm flying in from Nova Scotia just for the occasion. I can't wait.

Yeah, my mom phoned me SPITTING MAD on Saturday because it was snowing in Vancouver and it was something ridiculous like +20 with sunshine in the Maritimes. Weird eh?

Scorpy said...

Too Bad you aren't going to see the Mark Knofler that was in Dire STRAITS LOL....Sorry, I couldn't resist. I saw DS a long time ago and they were amazing

Tawcan said...

I'm going to Radiohead too. I'd love to go see NIN at Pemberton Festival but I don't think I can afford the ridiculous $300/ticket just to see 1 band. When they were in town last time back in 2005 (or 2006?) I saw them at Pacific Colosseum for like $30. The show was amazing. Can't really beat that.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

Spring finally came to Chicago and guess what? We're on a steady decline from our glorious four days of 70 degree weather and by this weekend it'll be in the lower 30s!! EEK. Gotta put my flip flops away for a while.

As far as concerts go, I'm an 80's rock junkie and a country music fan so my concert list so far is : Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Poison and Journey ; then for the country circuit, Rascall Flatts, Brad Paisley and Martina McBride.

I'm bound and determined to see Wicked at some point this summer as well.

Good luck on the job front!!

Coconut said...

I would LOVE to go see Radiohead! I think I'm taking my BF to the Warped Tour. Sounds like you have a fun summer planned!

M said...

we're having crazy weather down here too. It's supposed to be getting colder but the weather has been really sunny and summery.

I'd love to see STP, I wonder if they will make it down here for a tour? I saw NIN a couple of years ago when they toured here and they were brilliant, of course. I haven't got any shows on the horizon but a couple of weeks ago I saw AIR play and they were out of this world phenomenal!


2 days ago, it was 80 degrees and sunny here. Today, it's under 50 and rainy!

I guess it could be worse though - we could have snow like you do. Then again, I like snow...means snowboarding!

The Stormin Mormon said...

The snow was nuts... I wasn't in Seattle, but down in Oregon visiting one of our wineries. It was so weird to be walking through the snow in a vineyard in April. We were supposed to be checking out vines and surveying new areas to be planted. instead we spent a ton of time trowing around a football in the snow.

As for the shows, STP in August would be the coolest.