Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Greetings from Palm Springs, y'all!

Yup, I'm down here in sunny California for Xmas and so far, so good. Of course, why shouldn't it be, I've escaped the rain and am looking forward to sunning myself daily in our highly modern, art deco condo complex and shopping at premium outlet stores (Desert Hills is fabulous and I for one can't wait to hit up the True Religion store).

But of course, the ten days I choose to join my parents down here is also the ten days in which my boyfriend's band played a prominent, last minute show at the Roxy (which I missed, last night), another friend is having a party and of course, Xmas itself. I'm glad to spend it with my family (I didn't last year because I was in Scotland) but it's a bit sad to not be with my boyfriend on that special day...maybe more sad is the fact that I am missing all the fun times they are having and I will be forced to see all the pictures on Facebook. I'm really hoping to avoid any "mistletoe" pictures with his friends, as harmless as they would be, it wouldn't be fun to see while I'm all the way down here - such is why I am trying to avoid Facebook all this week).

But I am keeping my eyes on the prize: New Years Eve!

The Rockstar is having a party at his house and I am very excited. I plan to look fabulous...more so than usual (since I always plan to look good). It helps that so far, no one has noticed ANY weight loss from me (despite wearing just a corset and a short leather skirt for my Courtney Love Bday last Friday), which just spurs me on to lose as much weight as possible while I am here. Also, there is a certain will be at the party. This girl is 22, a dark-haired, snarky, sarcastic artist who has always been sorta friends with my bf (and sorta almost slept with everyone in the band, except for him of course) and, well, she sorta hates me. Yup, I could give countless examples of her saying bad things about me and the way she openly hangs off my boyfriend whenever I'm around, but I'll just leave them be. Anyhoo, my bf and I can't figure out why she hates me so much. The only thing we've got is that she thinks I'm some sorta trophy girlfriend, some hot blonde with no humour and no brains and she's out to make me look like an idiot (she also obviously has a slight thing for my bf too).

Well I'm not going to get into a war of wit or brains with her, because I'm not sure how that would work (play Trivial Pursuit? Get in an insulting match?) but I can sure as hell look good and looking good I shall look. Or something.

Anyhoo, I have my whole look picked out. I ordered this smashing dress from BCBG Mazx Azaria on Ebay:

Selling in stores for $364, I managed to snag it for $50. It arrived the other day and it is simply gorgeous. Only problem is, the dress is a size medium and though the bottom half fits fine, the corsety top is like 2 sizes too big. There is no way I could wear it without the top falling down when I walked (doesn't help that my boobs shrunk either), so we had to take it to a tailor today. Luckily the lady is able to take it in before I leave back home - and take it in she will. There is 2 inches from each side that have to go!

Then I purchased this gorgeous, cheapo bag from Target:

I didn't see the shoes, but the bag is a wonderful red. You might think that red might not go with yellow, but I can show you where I am getting my inspiration from:

See how beautifully Reese's red shoes go with her yellow dress? That's the look I'm going for (at least in purse form). Taking further inspiration, my bangs and hair are going to look like her, and I might swipe on a light coat of matching red lipstick (and forgo the bronzey, smokey eye I was orginally going to do...what do you think??)

Maybe I'm putting too much thought in my NYE outfit, but I want the evening to go just right. After all, it's the Rockstar and mine's 6 months anniversary at Midnight.

Most of all, I just want to look hot - better than I've ever looked and I want someone to notice that I've lost weight. I mean, 8 pounds is a lot, I don't care what some people say and my parents were the first people to comment on how much I've shrunk. So I am hoping that by exercising everyday at the state-of-the-art gym they have here, doing my yoga DVD and sticking to my diet (which, despite it being the holidays, is still easy to adhere to), I'll be able to be atleast 2 or 3 pounds lighter come the New Year. Maybe no one will still notice (maybe always wearing flowly, empire waisted tops in the months before this fooled people into thinking I was already thin) but hell, I know I'll feel good!

(of course, today I woke up feeling sick with a sore throat - but hell, I'm still gonna drag my ass to the gym!)


Kass said...

Sweetie, people haven't noticed your weight loss because you've ALWAYS been gorgeous (well, atleast since I've known you!) You had that before and after picture in your last post, and the only thing I could notice is that in the after picture was the dress was nicer and a better fit for you! The other one was..well..granny!

You may have lost weight, but to those around you, you never needed to, thats why they haven't noticed.

PS: You don't need to lose anymore! You're gorgeous woman!

Wanderlusting said...

Aw shucks, thanks Kass. Yeah it was a granny dress - I was a model for my friend's makeup class and it was 60's day.

Honestly, the people who matter most have noticed and I KNOW I have so I do feel more confident - that's what my bf is happy about. He hates skinny women (believe me, he honestly does, he'll make a catty remark about them before I will, lol) but what he loves now is that I feel more comfortable in my skin.

Anyhoo, I'm not going all out, I know what's realistic in ten days. But still, it'll be awesome to LOSE weight over Xmas instead of gain!

Kass said...

Just as long as you don't hold back when it comes to all the deliciousness!!!!!

Dan said...

Wow. That must mean that I've been reading you (and pining for you) for about a year! Time flies.

JsTzznU said...

Damn and JsT think your only 45 mins from my home .... Enjoy CA Lust!!

Karinaxoxo said...

That dress is hot!!!
I agree with Kass that you were a hottie before but feeling good in your skin is the most important thing!!!
Sucks that you are losing you lady lumps though =P
Oh and the red and yellow will look fab with your tan!

M said...

you're beautiful hon. I totally agree with what Kass said in that first comment. You're beautiful and most people have probably not thought of you as someone who needs to lose any weight at all. <3

I love the dress!

Vegas Princess said...

Look dynamite and shut that bitch up, I love it! Does she know she will have a whole blog world of people sicced on her if she does anything mean to you? :)

You are going to look killer and Rockstar will be dumbstruck!