Monday, September 24, 2007

I get by with a little tact from my friends...

I saw the movie Across the Universe the other day and it was AMAZING! If you like Moulin Rouge AND The Beatles (and trippy musicals in general) you will love this film. I thought the cast was brilliant, even Evan Rachel Wood (whom I don't really like due to her "I'm so cool cuz my boyfriend is Marilyn Manson" thing) was fantastic. Most of the songs were recorded live as they were sung which is a testament to how well the actors did their job. The guys who play friend's Jude and Max in the film are cute as hell and how much more do guys get sexier when you find out they can sing? Raaaaar! I expect to see more of those actors in the future.

Anyway, quite a crap review but I just wanted to tell you all to see it - however, if you don't like The Beatles, don't like musicals and don't like films that are a bit trippy and out there, stay away. You'll probably hate it :)


So, my boyfriend is moving out (thank God, though I will miss his mom's brilliant meals) with two friends. So far it's been kind of a struggle to convince landlords to give three young guys a chance so they've been kind of missing the mark. However, I went along to look at a place on Saturday and his friend's girlfriend was there as well.

I was kinda of dressed like a bum - and when I dress like a bum, it kinda means I am dressed like everyone else in this town. Yoga pants, a ruched, fitted Bench hoodie and flip flops. My hair was in a ponytail, I had no makeup on my face but didn't really need it so that was fine.

We went to the apartment type thing and had a little tour. While the boys were being shown around, I got to talking with the other girlfriend. I had never met her before but she seemed quite sweet. An American too, but let's not hold that against her ;) Honestly though, she was from Portland, Oregon which is a rad place, and in general I think everyone from the entire West Coast of North America are all kinda similar anyway. We should have our own country.

Anyhoo, she seemed nice, let's call her M. And she seemed good for her bf, S, because she was pretty much his first girlfriend even though the guy is 24. Of course, it was quite long distance, her being from Oregon and all, but anyway, he looked happy.

Cut to: later that night, I am in Tsawwassen and going to watch a friend's soccer game. The bf and I pick up his friend (and Ex from like ten years ago...but it's OK, she's super rad) J and head out to the game.

"Hey J," says the bf, "you get to meet S's girlfriend."

"Oh yeah, what is she like?"

"She seems really sweet...."he kinda of let the last part hang in the air, so I added to it.

"Yeah, laid back and easy going, nice girl." I say.

We get to the soccer game and see M and S embracing by the dugout. We all say hello again and introduce J to her.

M smiles politely and then looks me up and down.

"How nice of you to dress up."

I look down at what I am wearing, jeans, boots and a nice top. That wasn't me dressing up, that's how I normally dress. Then I got what she was trying to say. I looked like such a bum this morning, it was nice to see I could fix myself up. Nice, in the sarcastic sense.

I looked at my bf and he looked totally taken aback. Was she just trying to insult me? Regardless, I just laughed it off, exclaiming to him "I told you I looked like a bum this morning!" (it's true, I did say that....fuckin last time I wear yoga pants out of the house).

Later, J and the bf and I headed to the pub.

"Um, the other thing I was going to say about his girlfriend is that she sometimes blurts out really innapropriate things. I had never seen it happen before but I think it just did," he said.

"No kidding!" I exclaimed, "I meet her for the second time and the first thing she is does is insult me?"

"Yeah, it's not like you guys were even talking about clothes earlier."

"You weren't?"asked J, "so she just said that out of the blue?"

"Pretty much."

Then J got excited because she wanted to hear the girl say more innapropriate things. She wasn't dissapointed.

We got to the bar and of course M and S showed up like they said they would.

I finished my first rum and coke pretty fast so I asked for another.

"Holy you lush, you sucked that back fast,"M commented. "In a hurry to get drunk or do you always drink like that?"

Once again I wasn't sure what to say. J started to laugh and my bf came to my rescue, "well she's going out with me, isn't she? I'll drive anyone to drink."

Awkward laughter followed. The bf and I exchanged a look. Then the bf and S exchanged a look. S looked pretty embarassed.

Soon, M got up to go to the bathroom. J looked over at S and said, "Your girlfriend seems pretty cool."

He breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh good, I'm so glad she's nice to you."

And of course I get insult central.

Now, I don't think this girl was trying to be mean or anything or like purposefully being a dick ("funny how she insults the way you look when you are absolutely stunning all the time and she looks like that" my bf told me) but she seemed like she absolutely lacked any tact. It's not like she blurted it out and then was like, "Oops, didn;t mean it like that." She totally meant it like that. I mean, how can you just say stuff and just think it's OK? The bf and I came to the conculsion that she is a psychopath. And what's worse is that his friend S totally knows but since it's his first gf and all, I don't think he'll be going anywhere.

Thank God she lives in Portland, though even a once a month visit will be too much once the guys are all living together. Regardless, you can be sure I'll be blogging/venting/bitching about it :)


Vegas Princess said...

Ahhh could be that lovely lack of tact some Americans seem to have. I can say this whole-heartedly because I am friends with some of them. Myself being a person who could never insult anyone (to their face...I am not a saint after all) have seen this in action and been equally amazed at a person's ability to think they are absolutely in their right to act like a complete bitch to people for no reason. I am sorry you had to experience that.

Wondering Woman said...

Sounds like she's insecure. She's probably always viewed other women as competition and not as friends. You're pretty, which would push her insecurity levels even higher, so she's just going to say meaner and meaner things. In time she might calm down but it's probably such ingrained behavior that she doesn't know any other way to be. Just hope you can avoid her as much as possible until her guy gets tired of her.......Don't you have a friend he could go out with and wean him off the weird one? Poor guy, he's letting the wrong head lead.

Farrell said...

she's not a psychopath; she's just a bitch. plain and simple. probably jealous/threatened by you. doesn't want you hanging around her boyfriend, even though you're only hanging around her boyfriend because he's friends with your boyfriend.
Shake it off; she's not worth your energy.

Farrell said...

PS: and in general I think everyone from the entire West Coast of North America are all kinda similar anyway.
Not true. If you've ever met anyone from Northern Cali vs. Southern Cali, you'd know that the state could be divided....
broad generalizations like this could get all of us in trouble...

Wombat said...
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Wombat said...

Maybe Rad and Super Rad aren't the compliments I thought they were.

They are compliments, right?

If you're interested in a separate country for your wonderful part of the world, Lusty, try this:

Republic of Cascadia.


clw said...

I agree with what a few others have said - she's insecure and feels threatened by you. IGNORE is the best tactic unless she gets too out of hand then let her have it right back!

Wanderlusting said...

Farrell - My broad generalizations could get us all in to trouble? I have that much power? Maybe that's why the girl was threatened by me.

Didn't mean to piss off a bunch of Americans here by saying the West Coast should be it's own country. I'm kinda of a Canadian and kinda happy with that. I can see my tongue-in-cheekness is losing it's touch.

Tawcan said...

Some people are like that... they just say whatever is on their mind without processing it. Sometimes it just comes out wrong.