Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Bad Side of Being Good

So I made Nigella Lawson's "Antioxidant Salad" today.

I cut up some yummy mango, tackled my first pomengranate (did you know it's just all seeds?), threw in some blackberries and added a splash of lime juice.

All the bright colors and the delicious taste made me agree with Ms. Lawson's testimony. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and tea, and yes I did feel great and wholesome while eating it. The pomengranate, berries and mango are just packed with heart-disease fighting, cancer-ceasing antioxidants and I felt them surge throughout my body.

Then I felt a little sick. A bit dizzy and short of breath. And then my stomach screamed in protest. It went through me like a shot.

Fast forward to ten minutes ago. I just made myself a second bowl.

Once again, I can feel something surge through me. Kind of swirling through my veins, making my hands cold, my head float and my vision become just a tiny bit blurry.

So I just have to ask Ms. Lawson...What the Hell is in this salad?

Is it possible that I am allergic to pomengranates? Is it because I'm on a no-sugar health kick and the fruit sugar is surging through my body? Is it because I haven't eaten much today? Are antioxidants really related to marijuana?

Now I'm staring at the half-eaten bowl and too scared to eat the rest. I might just see pink elephants.

In related news, my health-kick might be slightly derailed. While traipsing through town today I stumbled upon these:

Yes, that's right, my mission to find Macarons in Vancouver has ended. My mission to eat them, however, has only just begun.


M said...

oh yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

almost famous kiwi said...

are you on another one of those crazy diets? I still remember the last one and how it ended up as "the incident".

Anonymous said...

it's probably the mangoes -- lots of people develop allergies to mangoes. Usually it happens after you go on a tropical vacation and gorge yourself..

ParisBreakfasts said...

Did you really scrub the fruit first? Even the outside of the pomie, which I eat everyday BTW
Fruit is coming in from Chilie and Gawd know's where these days and the pesticides are unregulated there. In fact they get them from us, 'cause they're not allowed here.
That's my guess anyway.
Don't use soap. Just plain old water!

ParisBreakfasts said...

P.S. Those macs look to die for...

ParisBreakfasts said...

P.S.S. will you send out an ALL CLEAR when you tell about your New Year's Eve in Paris?
And I like my new name:
Paris, Paints & Chocolate :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear that sounds terrible :-( Do you know what caused it yet? And are you ok now?

Wanderlusting said...

M - sigh it was yum. Evil yum.

Kiwi - not crazy, just cutting out the sugar like I had done before. Worked then, should work now.

Anonymous - Well I usually eat mango so I don't know if that is it

Paris Breakfasts - Scrub the fruit? Hmmmm.

- I had one mac already and it was melt in your mouth. Shhhhh.

- Well I plan to move onto Scotland today, so it looks like New Years will be...in a week or so. It was fun, a bit crazy, even though we didn't do all too much ;)

Becs - Thanks, yup I'm OK. I went out for dinner and drinks later and was feeling no pain. Still don't know if it was the salad or just unrelated dizzy spells which I get sometimes. Might try the salad again today and wash it really well. Or just wash it....