Wednesday, May 25, 2011


And it's the Vancouver Canucks!

Man, I thought I was going to die watching the game last night. The Canucks haven't been to the semi-finals, let alone the finals of the Stanley Cup, since 1994. In 1994, we beat the Maple Leafs in Round 5 in Double Overtime to advance to the finals.

Last night? We beat the San Jose Sharks in Round 5 in Double Overtime to advance to the finals.

Despite being despised by the rest of Canada (something about don't hate us (Vancouver) because we are beautiful? Or is that we aren't Canadian enough... can't figure that one out), and despite being made fun of for years by Oilers Fans and Leafs fans and whatnot, The Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup finals. Are we Canada's team? Apparently not. But fuck 'em all, we love our team and we'll stick with them - no matter WHAT the outcome (mark my words). The rest of Canada can grumble about it and be bitter all they want. We've waited for this moment for 17 years and we are going to enjoy it. (Besides, isn't better to embrace the love and let go of the hate?)

So here's to Vancouver, here's to the Canucks, here's to Bieksa with his shots, shots, shots, shots, shots and to Kesler for being hot, and to Burrows for being a twitchy French Tom Cruise and to Luongo for being amazing and to the sisters for being ginger robots, and all the rest of them.

Of course, after the win, we had to run out the door and walk to Granville Street where all the action was:

It's going to be a FUN couple of weeks here.

OH and the Canucks weren't the only winners here! Arbyn won the tights giveaway! Congrats, email me your contact info (well, your address) and I'll get Tights Please to ship it out to you asap!

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Bret Taylor said...

For whatever it's worth, I know people in Alberta and Ontario and all over the Maritimes who are firmly in the Canucks camp.

For now, anyway.

arbyn said...


Couture Carrie said...

Great to hear from you, darling!
Congrats to your team!


Anthea said...

You're writing a book?!! I have been a horrible blogger too. It's hard sometimes to find inspiration and to keep up with all the new blogs and twitter and facebook! GAH! No worries though :) When is your book going out and would you be interested in having me review it?! I have started to do book reviews!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

That sounds so awesome! It's so good to come back on your blog and catch up with you! Congratulations on your book! It's so exciting that you're a published author now!

By the way, I always remembered your sweet comment when I was going through a lot of difficulties in my relationship and I just experienced another one last week. Is it okay if I email you about it? I have a feeling that you can give me really good advice! xoxoxoo