Friday, May 13, 2011


I wrote this post out once and stupid Blogger went all weird yesterday... like ALL day, and then in the end, erased it. Le Sigh. They say it'll come again - maybe - maybe not, but you know, this post WAS kind of timely and all.

Anyway, I'm keeping this short, this time around.

My first novel, Darkhouse, the first book in the Experiment in Terror Series, is out today. Friday the 13th of May, 2011.

I started writing the book in October 2009 as part of a 30-day challenge write something every day. 30 days turned into six weeks and Darkhouse was born (under a different title, at the time). You may recall me blogging about it.. a lot.

Since then I went on to write the next two books in the series and then decided, you know what, screw applying to publishers or agents. This is the NOW age, I don't want to lose control over my work, I don't want to wait till 2013 for the first one to come out. I need to do this now, strike while the iron's hot.

So I started my own publishing company, Metal Blonde Books (HORNS UP!)

Logo by Dale De Ruiter

Spent many months of 12-hour work days and whatnot, just figuring out how to fucking do all of this on my own. From the layout (grrrr), to cover design, to starting a business, to copy-editing, to rewriting, to printing, to distribution, to webdesign, to marketing, to PR... yeah. It's not easy at all. It's actually been ...astoundingly hard.

But that makes today all that more sweeter. Because, even if the risk I took doesn't pay off, even if people hate the book... fuck em! I did this ALL ON MY OWN and the fact that today, it sees the light of day... it means I HAVE ALREADY WON.

This is most I've ever accomplished...and I'll never forget that. To me, Darkhouse, is already a success.

Of course, by watching the video below, you might think the book's name is DARKHO! I had a good chuckle at that one. You'll probably also have a good chuckle at what a... as my BF and Bart Simpson say... Dorkus Molorkus I am.

For all information on the book and the series visit

You can read Chapter Three there for free (or just click here)

You can buy the books on Createspace, Amazon and the E-versions at Smashwords.

Thanks a bunch!

ALSO come back on Monday, I'm doing a giveaway for some really cool tights from TightsPlease! :)


Jessi said...

Bahhh!!!! OMG, congrats!!! That's freakin' awesome. You rule! You kick ass!! Seriously, I am really, really impressed! And I totally want to buy your book :) Wow...

Oh hey! I've been MIA from blog land for awhile... spring was crazy town! ... and I'm making my way around, catching up slowly but surely on my blogs. So exciting to open yours and it's about your badass news!

xoxo J

Lavina said...

The VLOG is super cute! I will for sure order a hard copy! (so when I'm finished it can be added to my bookshelf in the Apt. & make me appear smarter)

Enjoy the fruits of all your hard work & Congrats again!

Nomad said...

Just read chapter 3 and I'm RIVETED. the book can not get to me sooner. congratulations on writing what i know now will be an utterly amazing book (as if i had to be convinced!)

Nomad said...

ps. you're vlog is super cute. hehe.

CrazyPrincess said...

You need to do more vlogs, it was really fun! :) I am loving all this success with your book. You so deserve it!

Megan said...

Awww, I loved the vlog. Yay, Darkhouse!!!!

Kate Greer said...

This is amazing! You should be incredibly proud of your accomplishment! I have been trying to write a book for ages, but I've never been inspired enough to complete. I'm going to read your first chapter! If you've got advise, let me know on my blog -

Sarah said...

I am soo buying your book (all the way from Australia). It looks and sounds awesome and you are gorgeous!!

Claire said...

oh wow! i just stumbled on your blog and i'm so glad i did! How fab you are for doing that all by yourself! I'm off to look at the website, and yes iu'm sure i'm gonna order a copy!! :)

Memphis Steve said...

Well see there, I had no idea that you had never done a VLog before back when I asked you to do one a few months ago, but now that you have, I think it's great. If I had a face like yours I'd VLog every post, but since I don't, clearly I was born to write. I liked your VLog. you should do more. And now I have learned that you already have 3 books done. You may have told me already and I just missed it. I don't know.

Epic Fail said...

I hope you don't mind, but I posted a recommendation for your book and a link to your VLog on my blog. I think a lot of bloggers would be very encouraged to read that a fellow blogger has been published and is doing well. It's a great book.