Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darkhouse - The Book Trailer

HEY LOOK I AM BACK! Blogging, yep. You thought that EPIC blog post below about my crazy roadtrip and Lars and Slayer and giraffes and Blackjack and whatever was enough, but you're wrong.

Cuz, here we go... the trailer for my first book, Darkhouse. And just so you don't get confused, apparently all books now have book trailers. Some of them are just like excerpts from a book reading, others are narration. Mine's a movie type deal - fitting, I thought, because in the book, the protagonist Perry Palomino records some pretty fucked up shit on her camera (spooky stuff in a lighthouse) and ends up blogging about it, complete with YouTube videos that go viral. Within days, she's an internet star and attracts the attention of producer, Dex Foray, who wants to work with her on a ghost hunting web series... the rest is history.

Will this do the same? Who knows...

Major thanks to Mollie Caselli for flying up to Vancouver to help me with this. Aside from a few half-assed ideas and storyboards(heh), this was pretty much her whole thing. From the shooting, to helping me direct, to the editing, to the sound mixing, to producing, etc...

Also thanks to Talar Kalaidjian and Andrew Barber for being brave actors - they fought through seasickness (and lost - their lunch... well one of them did) and the waviest seas I'd ever seen in English Bay.

Also big thanks to Bill Gould, for very generously granting me permission to use his music from the upcoming The Talking Book album (out May 24 on - it really helped set the scene :)

By the way, the book is published in print and e-book format this Friday, the 13th. Visit for more information. And look for my dorky, first-ever, VLOG this Friday!


Unknown said...

very very cool. i'm intrigued and excited all at the same time. i love that books have trailers now!

Eyeliah said...

soooo happy and excited for you, hard work paying off!