Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Rant

I hate this day.

It doesn't matter if you are in a relationship or not, it sucks.

My boyfriend is broke. He knows it, he hates it, I know it, I hate it. But there isn't much we can do about it so we just accept it and move on.

Then days like today come along, with girls bragging about what their "wonderful" boyfriends have bought, chocolates, gifts, trips, expensive dinners, etc.

It just puts so much emphasis on what is NOT important. These material things that mean nothing at all. These girls forget that most of the year, their boyfriend is a douche bag, and on this one day, suddenly an expensive meal makes up for the fact that they never call her back, or get too friendly with other girls when drunk, or never take out the garbage, or never put in any effort into the relationship or never make them feel like they are the most important thing in their life.

Last year, my (ex) boyfriend did something very nice for me. He bought me a trip to the spa, plus cheesey balloons and flowers. My boyfriend this year probably won't give me anything.

But what I have learned is that I would rather have a man who perhaps can't spend any money on me but treats me like absolute gold EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR than a man who gives me gifts but can't even give me his heart.

So shame on you, Valentine's Day, for emphasizing the shallow side of relationships and ignoring that deep down, what we really need on this day is someone's heart....and not one that is filled with expensive chocolates.


Indiana said...

I agree with you, but I still see so many benefits from the public aspect of it...either that or I just date shallow women. :-)

(More thoughts on my blog)

surfercam said...

Valentine's Day is a joke.
It's just another greeting card day.

Steph said...

Not only that but V-day is actually an insult to men when you think about it. It says, you're too retarded to do anything romantic for your girl spontaneously so here is a special day for you to DO something nice.

The Stormin Mormon said...


I hate this day for entirely different reasons, but I'll agree that a ton of it is remarkably shallow.

~nOe~ said...

OMG. i so agree with you!
I loved that sentence "So shame on you, Valentine's Day, for emphasizing the shallow side of relationships and ignoring that deep down, what we really need on this day is someone's heart....and not one that is filled with expensive chocolates."
You're so right, so right!!!

M said...

yes, this is all so true! What wouldn't pick the guy who did other romantic things all year round over the guy that needs valentines day to remind him?

The big proviso to this though is people like my friends...C, E, L okay a hell of a lot of people I know who all insist that "if it wasn't for valentines day then they'd never [insert action here from partner]"

amanda jane said...

I disagree with you!! I LOVE valentines day!!

I haven't ever gotten ANYTHING on valentines day but I like the idea of having a special day where you put everything aside and celebrate how much you love someone and how much they love you!! It's a nice reminder to put your busy life aside and concentrate what really matters.... each other!!

amanda jane said...
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Miss Natalie said...

ive never been a fan of V day. commercial hoopla, shallow love exploits you name it - but i still WANT THAT CHOCOLATE!

Jaime said...

Hell yea!!! I totally agree

Michelle said...

With you on this one - The hubster and I have never, not once, bought each other an actual gift for Valentines in 7 years together. I have on occasion written a little note or given a card, particularly when I've been in a psycho moody period in my life. But this year, when everything's hunky dory?


Brunette ( - I can't log into my Wordpress account)

Karinaxoxo said...

I totally agree!!!
One of my best mates was really close to breaking up with her boy (rightfully so) and now she has changed her mind because she got a white gold necklace and a weekend away... WTF?!?!

Vegas Princess said...

THANK YOU! This is exactly why I HATE this day. The expectations make it seem like you shouldn't pay attention to your loved ones any other day of the year but this one. I can not stand the way people who get something for Valentine's Day make other people who did not get anything feel like less of a person because someone obviously doesn't love them enough. It is maddening.

Sipwine said...

I hate this holiday too.
I was bitter all day.
And I have a boyfriend

almost famous kiwi said...

Saint Valentine did an amazing thing for all those men and women way back then and I think it's romantic to have a day to celebrate love. Yeah its cheesy and commercial, but so is christmas and easter and everything else we love to celebrate. Humans are great at exploitation and terrible at remembering the true meaning of these important celebrations. You have to make it your own, ignore what the tv tells you and make it something speacial for yourself. If that means no gifts thats cool.

Don't be negative people cos you all know that you love to get free shit!

Wanderlusting said...

My Final Word

It doesn't matter...I still hate Valentine's Day.

I got flowers but only because my man thought it was expected of him and that's why he hates the day with a passion.

It meant more to me when I came home to my apartment the other day and all my dishes were washed and put away.

It meant more to me when he spent three hours of his time the other day trying to repair my toilet.

It meant more to me when he held my hair back all night on NYE.

Everyday you should celebrate love, not on one particular day that has lost all original meaning.

I personally, would rather have wonderful, unselfish acts everyday than free, "useless" material items. Thing don't count. Actions do.


I say it's not how you treat a girl when the world is watching, but how you treat her when nobody is around to see. THAT is what truly matters.