Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm in the movies, I'm in the movies....

This, my friends, is where I work. Yes, that's right. I got the job at Lions Gate Studios. Why and how? That I can not say. Dumb, blind luck I suppose. Only I don't believe in luck...I believe we make our own luck. And perhaps in this case, maybe I made my own luck by working hard and being persistant....and charming, bien sur. Plus, the hell I went through with A. Bass's Online Journalism and my years toying with the film industry must have counted for something.
So when did this all happen? Well, I got a second interview on the Monday. The Producer had left a message on my phone, telling me I was "awesome." Now, there is no doubt that I am awesome, but to hear someone else say it was quite something indeed. So I went in for the interview, shaking in my boots, and "looking" smart in a sleek, black business suit (courtesy of Rosco's stylistic opinion). The Producer twisted his computer around and asked if I could upload box office information from IMDB on to the website. I nodded, slightly confused...what exactly was this job again?
Then he asked if I was available. I told him immediately.
"Immediately as in today?" he asked.
I really had nothing planned, so I found myself saying "YES!"
So he sent me away to the nearby Starbucks so I could get something to eat and a coffee. He would call me in a bit and we could get started. I walked out of the office, even more confused. Did I just get a job? Why was that so easy?
Wandering aimlessly through the lot, I ran into Leif, an old high school friend of mine. He's doing stunt work for The 44oo.
"Do you work here?" Leif asked.
"I think so," was my reply.
Half and hour later, after drinking another much needed coffee, The Producer called me back. My first week of work was about to begin.


My first week of work is now officially over. I am exhausted. Driving from Tswwassen to North Van everyday is no peice of cake. Especially when I am extremely adept and picking streets in which every single pedestrian crossing gets used. Thankfully, the drive from rosco's in New West sometimes takes only a half an hour, so its nice bonus when I stay over. But from Tsawwasen? Holy Crapolla! Over an hour, plus I have to deal with the Massey Tunnel, the Knight Street Bridge and the Second Narrows Bridge. On the plus side, I do feel very businessy having to commute while listening to the Bill Good show at the same time.
So what have I learned during this first week? Being a reporter is hard work...writing under deadline makes me want to pull my hair out...dealing with Dr. Q-tip and other crazy sponsors makes me swear like a sailor....Interviewing film directors can be fun....and having gourmet coffee at the office is like a tonic to the system.
Plus I also learned what my job title is: Director of Media Relations.
How's that for a girl who still hasn't officially graduated yet?

Director of Media Relations, at your service

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