Monday, June 19, 2006

The Cambie...

is always a fun time, no matter what. Even though the line-up is a mile-long at 10pm...even though people like to lock you outside...even though everytime you go to the woman's bathroom you overhear drunken, Stephen Harper bashes/Jean Chretien adorations. Tis a good mix.

Robyn and I, well on our way to get wasted

Ross and Jeff, well on their way to getting wasted

And Lauren's playing catch-up too


arbyn said...


(did I really just say that?)

Seriously, what fun it'was



Wanderlusting said...

OH..there will be more

Wanderlusting said...

wait...are u and I the hotties, or are Ross and Jeff the hotties? Cuz I know who I'm voting for...(hint: they are both girls)

arbyn said...

haha that's a loaded question