Friday, December 24, 2010

There really is a Santa Claus

I don't know about you, but there is definitely too much negativity during the holidays. From people online to out there on the roads to fighting in the stores, it's like every year people go just a little more crazy than usual. And on top of it, all this PC-ness is taking the fun and magic out of Xmas. So you can't say Merry Christmas anymore? Fuck that! I'll tell you all Merry Christmas (or Merry Critters, as above lol). And now it's "lame" for kids to believe in Santa Clause? No way... Santa is the coolest old fat dude ever.

So here's what I'm going to do. Because this year I've felt zero Xmas spirit at all (had a lot on my mind distracting me), I'm going to recall some times in my youth that I really, really was convinced Santa Claus was real. I mean, I knew. He was real.

The first one:

My mother used to be a flight attendant for Air Canada, was for about 20 years or so. Sometimes she had to work on Xmas so it would be my father taking care of us.

One Xmas eve she called as soon as the plane landed (wherever she was). She said she that while the plane was in the air, that the pilot announced to the passengers that Santa Claus was sighted off the side of the plane and if you looked out the window you could see him and the reindeer. My mom said she looked and it was true.

Minutes later, Santa himself actually walked down the aisle and handed out presents to everyone on board. How cool is that? (really, props to Air Can because that was true).

The second one:

Christmas Eve. I was about 7 or 8. Everyone was settled in the living room. We used to live in Point Grey in this really long, tall house that had at least 6 flights of stairs and a roofdeck.

We celebrate Xmas eve more than Xmas day because we are Scandinavian, so we had our good Scandy friends over. I remember everyone was together downstairs by the tree because suddenly someone (may have been my half brother) yelled "it's Santa!"

We looked just in time to see a blur of red rush up the dark staircase. It was someone all right.

Well we all got to our feet and ran after him, I was at the front with the other kids and we raced up those stairs, only one stairlength behind him the whole time. He ran all the way up to the roofdeck but by the time we got up there, there was no one there.

There were footprints in the snow, some even looked like hoofprints, but honestly, he was gone.

To this day, I really don't know what happened there. Where did he go (we checked everywhere) and who the hell was that person running through our house anyway?

By the time we made our way back downstairs, there were more presents under the tree.

Seemed like Santa might have been running interference for my parents ;0)

SO FOLKS: as I leave you with those stories on this soggy Christmas Eve, I ask you to leave a similar story below. Anytime you remember as a child where you really thought "wow Santa IS real?"



Anonymous said...

I agree. I think it's not a matter of beliefs. It's all about the magic moments for children.

When I was a child, like 6 or 7, we were opening presents and all, and my parents yelled, "look outside in the sky, it's Santa" (we have another name for him, but anyway). I ran to have a look and I certainly saw a beautiful light across the night.
I don't know now what I saw, but I definetly saw it. It was a joyful moment and still it is when I recall that Xmas.
So, don't question it, Santa exists for the ones who like to feel it. Merry Xmas!!!

Meghan said...

I always thought Santa was real because I heard footsteps on the roof (which I now realize was my parents in the attic) of him and all the reindeer, and he always ate the cookies, even when they were a little burnt. Merry Christmas xo

lisa said...

Haha I learned to believe in Santa and learned he wasn't real all in the same day. My parents grew up in Communist China and consequently had never celebrated Christmas or even heard of Santa Claus until they immigrated to Canada. I remember going to school one day in grade 1 and learning all about Santa Claus from my teacher. When I recounted what my teacher told me word for word to my mother with starry-eyed enthusiasm, she flatly replied that there was no such thing. :P

Merry Christmas!

Plain Jane said...

Merry Christmas! I think I was too jaded for Santa (not proud of it) but this was heart-warming for a grinch *smiles*

~nOe~ said...

Because of my brother's mental illness we celebrated Christmas with Santa until he was 18- so at that time I was 19. I remembered we decided to go ahead and do the whole Santa thing with the cookies, milk, and the hay for the reindeers.
It was one of the hottest nights in December (I lived in the southern hemisphere where Christmas is on SUMMER) and we had set up the tree inside our living room.
We kept telling Lucas (my bro) not to go to sleep cos Santa was going to come and then he would miss it! He was very tired, but he decided to wait with us. We got the cookies out, and we crossed the street and set the hay in front of the other house as it was abandoned. We told him the reindeers will be safe there.
We were all outside and suddenly my dad called us: Santa is here! Santa is here!!
We were so excited for him coz he was running to the tree to see Santa. We kept telling him Santa had left with the reindeers and he didn't want to be seen in his red outfit.
Lucas double checked the hay, and was so happy to know the reindeers have eaten the hay he left them.

I don't remember ME thinking about Santa, but this story always pops to my mind when I think about Santa and the innocence we have when we are little and we believe he's for real.
I don't think I will ever forget his happiness and excitement for Christmas and Santa.

Merry Christmas Karina.