Friday, April 27, 2007

Fiesta Friday

That's the name of the "Mexican themed" party we are having at work today.

It's in honour of two new employees, though really, my boss C is just looking for an excuse to get her drink on. I got a call at 4PM yesterday.

"Hey, so I'm gonna have a welcome party tomorrow," says C.

"Sounds good."

"Since you are the writer, do you mind writing an email to the staff and letting them know. Wait! What should the theme be? It's Friday!"

"Ummm, Fiesta Friday?" I suggested as a joke. I am all about alliteration.

"Perfect! We could make margaritas!"

"And drink Corona. With lime!"

"And eat chips and salsa!"

And so I went to off to compose an email to the staff letting them know that we will be doing tequila shots in the last hour of the work day. I signed my email with a picture of The Three Amigos.

Not a bad way to start the weekend, if I do say so myself. Should be followed by drinks downtown with co-workers too (don;t worry, we have taxi vouchers in case anyone wants to get shittered - I know one French Canadian co-worker has her eye on them). And then later tonight, a night out with the "amazing ladies..."

Oh, that's right. I didn't blog about last weekend with the "amazing ladies." Well, I won't go into details, but I will leave you with some photos in which you can create your own conclusions and write your own story of what happened.

No really. I dare you.

And BTW, the lucky guy in the pics is a fellow blogger I recently met, whom you can read about on his blog here. Only caveat: his blog doesn't have sexy pictures of crazy girls, so you will probably just end up coming back to this post again ;)

Happy Weekend!

PS - If anyone wants to see me as a ten-year old (not too different from the pics above - erm, except for the boobs) check out my other - and finally updated - blog.


Anonymous said...
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M said...

fiesta Friday! What an excellent idea! :D

Looove The Three Amigos

Todd said...

No party invite for me?

Distraught ----->

WiscoBlonde said...

You girls are so cute! I love the pictures! said...

This make sme long for the days of happy hour drinks with co-workers. I think I might organize one for my NYC event managers.

Sex & Moxie