Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Reluctant Fashionista at VFW

Remember when this used to be a fashion blog?

I'm not really sure what happened. I think losing my old job and plunging into struggling novelist world meant I had less reasons to dress up - and less money. After all, there's really no incentive to dress up when you're working from home all day long. And with no money, it's hard to turn off that BUY switch. It was just easier to forget about the whole thing.

I really don't buy clothes very often, still, and it helps that I have a ton of them to draw from. My only problem now is that I've gone up a dress size (and yes, working on getting my weight back down) so my options are a bit slimmer. And though I want to stay away from shopping sprees (cuz I know I have it in me), I know there's still a reluctant fashionista somewhere inside.

Last night I was invited to the VIP only, Vancouver Fashion Week Gala. It was pretty cool, lots of people around that I didn't think existed in Vancouver...swanky douchebags, men in suits with greased hair, models, trendy people. One big socialite mix.

The fashion part was pretty cool, lots of nice dresses and eye candy everywhere. It's really not my scene though and I was glad that I lost all touch with the fashion circle (not that I was ever really part of it). But the best part was just the fact I was able to dress up for once. And not just "oh I'm going on a date, put on a dress and look pretty" kind of dress up, but "I WANNA LOOK COOL" dress up.

So I threw on a hat, my See by Chloe red suede boots, matching red lips (MAC's Ruby Woo), a slightly oversized H&M dress I got for $10, my Modcloth jacket and an ASOS skirt. Random necklaces, Botkier bag and a hat completed the look.

I think it worked. And it was fun if it didn't. Now, to find an excuse to do it all again!

Think I'll start by wearing my red boots out to dinner tonight :)


Memphis Steve said...

OK, I have to say, you are the first person I've seen all year who can get away with wearing those hats. Then again, all the other people I've seen wearing them were guys and they all looked look douchebags trying to hide bald spots. You so totally do fit right into that fashion world. You look classy in every photo I've ever seen of you. You've got the look, as they say. Maybe not the Paris Hilton "I love heroin" look, but more like a Heidi Klum "You know you want to hang with me" look.

daisychain said...

those red boots = AMAZING

Karinaxoxo said...

Aww i miss this being a fashion blog

Erica said...

Hello! had to Finally leave you a comment! I've been following your blog for over 2 years and have always gotten such great inspiration from you. I love the honesty and just over-all authenticity you exude. It's SO refreshing to visit your blog and see that you've stayed true to your style!
Even with it leaving the "fashion" aspect a bit, it's still such a great site. Thank you for keeping it updated!
xo Erica

Ayana said...

Great outfit! I'm talking about that with the cool hat :)

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer said...

great shots! So, you're a novelist now?! Amazing!

Love the fedora on you :) I've recently been trying to get my blog going again after about a year away from it (took a job, but due to health issues, I couldn't keep up with it.) So, now I'm back and busting my butt trying my hardest to make some income from home (finances are in dire straits *sigh*

Anyhow, it's nice to be back, and I'm happy to find your blog again - you were always so receptive and sweet!