Friday, March 18, 2011

Open Book

This post is totally unrelated to the Foo Fighters. I just think they are awesome.

A quick update from yours truly here (how is THAT for fast posting, eh?):

To answer some questions coming off the last post - YES my books are going to be available in paperback form and all over the world through Amazon and hopefully a few other book sellers.

If you would like to review an advanced copy for your blog, please email me at foreverwanderlust "at" and I'll get one to you over the next month.

At the moment I am knee-deep in simultaneously editing/rewriting Darkhouse - can I talk about this for a moment? You know they say the blank page is the most terrifying thing a writer has to face? Well, that is true. But facing a page full of your words and thinking it's all SHIT is also equally terrifying. See, I've rewritten the novel a bunch but THIS time it's for good and the first time with the thought that HEY I don't have a publisher or editor who is going to go through's all on me. And there is a LOT of stuff in there that needs to go. It's the difference between cleaning your apartment before your friends come over and cleaning your apartment before your boyfriend's parents come over.

But, it'll get done. Oh yes, it will get done.

I'm also knee-deep in my website. It's a lot of work but GOSH DARN IT I AM EXCITED!!!

Oh right, there was another reason for this blog post. I'm incorporating formspring technology or something - anyway I want to do a Q&A session for my website (would you believe I've never done one...least not since 2006!). If you would like to ask me an anonymous question (oh god, here we go), please go ahead and do so by visiting here:

In general, I find the concept of Formspring to be a bit icky, but I figured it was the easiest way to get some good questions out of the pile of garbage I know is coming.

Oh, and I should mention my boyfriend is moderating the Formspring account so, if you're trying to be mean or ICKY, just know he's going to see it. Not me. HA!

I'll collect the questions over the next few days, then close the account, so GET CRACKING, READERS! :D and thanks in advance.

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Eyeliah said...

Ohh, I am actually starting a book review series on my blog I'd love to read yours and blog about it!! :)