Monday, August 11, 2008

No Complaints

So I officially completed my first week of work and I am amazed at what a difference having a job that you actually like makes to your life.

I guess I should first explain which job I have.

I did not get the job that I was really gunning for - and I wasn't upset over it either. I kinda knew, after all there were signs and for once I wasn't going to gamble on something that wasn't a sure thing.

It would have been a great job to have, mainly because it would be permanent and with benefits. But looking back, I realize now that I think I wanted the job for all the wrong reasons. I emphasized a lot how perfect I would be for the job because of my film and cinema knowledge (especially when it comes to classic films) and because the company dealt with classic and foreign cinema, I figured I would be a great match.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I don't think the actual 'job' part of the deal had anything to do with that. Yes, I would have done some marketing stuff, but I am not sure all of the reasons why I thought I would be good for it would have had any part. I think the people knew that too. I am not sure who they were looking for in the end, but it obviously wasn't me.

That's not to say I wasn't slightly miffed about not getting the position - after all, rejection is never fun. But I read somewhere that sometimes you only want something because it's available. Like the guy you would never look twice at....until you find out he likes you. Suddenly, you're all ears. Well, I think when we go to job interviews, the same thing happens. You start really, really wanting the job because you were lucky enough to get an interview. You start planning your future together when if you had never even gotten the interview in the first place, you probably would have forgotten about the company.

I also think you should never want something THAT much. Cuz it will never come to you.

But of course, all is not lost. I do have my position with the post-production agency. And after being there for a week already, I have found tons of wonderful things about it.

*Small company, everyone is really friendly

*No micro-managing! People leave me alone (I like working by myself!)

*I surf the net all day, seeking out lame ass stock footage videos. And when I say lame, I mean the actual stock footage is lame. Bad acting everywhere!

*I'm in the film industry...feels kinds good to end up where I always wanted to go


*I work 10-6. Which means I leave my house at 9:45AM and I make it to work with five minutes to spare!

*I am doing more than role is actually in development as well which is exactly where I want to be down the line

*I get to be in the film we are making...LOL....OK, it's an educational video and my job is to go through the script and shotlist and find out what footage we can buy previously filmed online and what we can't. Which means the footage we have to film ourselves...I get to be in! Yay for confused student #2!

*It also means that I am flying out to Glacier National Park in Montana in September to stay in a resort for a few days while filming. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Montana and I am so excited that this might actually happen! Doesn't hurt that the boss owns the resort too!

*Also, they might fly me out to Ottawa in the next few weeks to meet some of the producers. Finally, I get to see the other half of Canada...and the nation's capital to boot!

Most important of all, there is no stress. I show up, do what I can for the day (my task will take absolutely forever) and go home. I don't cringe in the morning (waking up at 9AM helps) and I'm not dying to leave either.

Of course, the two bad points are the low pay and the contract. But I think it'll work out for the best. Low pay is worth it if I like my job. The contract might be a blessing in disguise.

Mainly because I have an interview tomorrow with a prominent production company! I applied for a development assistant job awhile back and they finally got back to me, wanting an interview. I apologized and told them that I was just recently employed and that I couldn't take the interview - though made sure to let them know I would be done my current position in two months. Well, I guess they really like my resume or something because the main producer wants to meet me anyway in hopes that we can work together after my contract is up.

Seriously, so out of the blue. And funny how this was a company that I emailed a few times after I was done school, in April, wondering if I could work for them in any capacity.

Hopefully the interview will go fine tomorrow, I'm sure it will. Either way, I've got my current job so I'm staying focused on the present and not worrying about the future. And hey, if this company wants to offer me a job afterwards...then I'm one lucky duck.

In other news: my apartment is not selling! BOOOO! The market in Vancouver has just CRASHED and now is the worst time to sell...but best time to buy.

I am not sure what my options are really until my father talks with his accountants but ideally what I would want to happen is to rent out my apartment (will make at least $200 profit a month on it) and buy a place between the rockstar and I (and my father). It makes the most sense...especially since I can rent out this place for a pretty penny come the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics!

Anyway, fingers crossed that this all works out. I'm still gonna keep it on the market but I honestly can't lower the price or else we will lose money (we paid WAY too much to begin with...long story). But if it doesn't get any interest by September, I hope renting it will be the option we take.

In other OTHER news: My best friend is getting married! Congrats Kelly and Alex! I am SO excited to be the maid of honour and doubly excited that it means I'll be finally visiting Montreal next summer (where the wedding is). It's gonna be so much fun, and this is the first time I've been part of the wedding party, let alone MOH!


Memphis Steve said...

I'm glad to hear that things are working out well for you. I was really worried for awhile.

Sarah said...

wow! sounds like everything has worked out for the best - congrats! As someone who has a low paying job but loves it, sometimes you have to sacrifice the money side to be happy in your life. I have friends who earn a lot more than me and they dont have a life because of the hours, are always stressed and just hate their job. Sure, they may have holidays and new clothes, but they arent happy, and happiness is what matters really!

Kass said...

Your new job sounds sweet, congrats! Boo for the house market tho, the same thing is happening here in NZ, glad I don't have a house to sell!

And yay for weddings!!!!

Delicieux said...

I am SO excited for you! It took a long time... but now you're there, finally (and the best part, YOU LOVE IT!!) Congrats!

You and the rockstar should celebrate!

Rosie said...

Congrats! I know what you mean about jobs being "Like the guy you would never look twice at....until you find out he likes you."

Anyway more power to you for breaking that cycle and making some comprimises (pay and longevity) for what sound like some pretty furking sweet bonuses.

You're absolutely right about not wanting it too much - or it never comes. And when you don't "want it" it just arrives. Gonna blog about that someday cause I'm starting to think it's less about "wanting" it and more about the attitude you bring to the wanting (desperation vs. attraction)...hmmm...

Anywho, uber-congrats girlie! It's been a difficult road and you have endured and learned some interesting things about work and yourself in the process. Kudos!

Vegas Princess said...

I am so happy for you! This is the first time you have sounded relaxed and happy and excited about something in a long time. I hope everything continues to go well for you, you certinaly deserve a break! :)