Monday, May 26, 2008

Job Hunting

Ack. Sorry for my lack of attention. My dear Kiwi was in town for the week, bringing along her bf from Montreal and I was delegated to be their tour guide (despite them both having lived in Vancouver for a year). Luckily I quit my job so I was able to fully enjoy my week with them - the timing was perfect. After all, had I still been working at HELL I would have been mega busy and super stressed all week. Now I was only busy doing fun, summery things and mildly stressed due to various attemps at job hunting.

You may have wondered where my last blog post disappeared to. Well, I applied for a job as a poker writer. I may not know EVERYTHING about poker but being a writer, research is the best part. And boy did I research. But ufortunately the people wanted to see my blog - I guess I mentioned it off-hand or something. At any rate, I had to go through a quick clean-up and make sure it was more "potential employer friendly."

At any rate, my efforts were useless. I was passed up for the job AFTER submitting my writing samples. That either means I can't write worth a damn, or perhaps I just wasn't suited to poker writing. I am hoping its more the latter on that one - although when the woman called to let me know that they weren't going to take me on, she added that she enjoyed my "travel and fashion articles."

I haven't written a fashion article in my whole entire life. What I sent her was all my published writing from my past job, interviewing filmmakers and so on and one travel article. Where the hell does "fashion" fit in there? It makes me angry to think that after meeting me, they probably just read the first article - travel - and then assumed all the rest were fashion ones because I'm blonde and a girl and that's what I would write about. No wonder they didn't think I could write about poker if they are just going to base everything on a stereotype.


Anyway, the job hunting commences in full-swing this week. As long as it pays well, I'm applying. Even if I feel like I am stooping to another level, or not using any of my education or any of my talents, I know I am going to just have to take SOMETHING until my "real" job comes along. Too bad the real job takes some real patience. And luck. And I don't have either - hence why I suck at poker.


Odette said...

Well you're one up on me... I can't even write a decent resume! Good luck with the job hunting! I know how frustrating it is, but I am sure that you'll find something worth doing! (in the meantime anyway!)

la femme said...

Oh, how I would love to quit my job! :)

I didn't see the marimekko store in Van! Next time I'll seek it out.

Your mom's name is beautiful.

Memphis Steve said...

I know how stressful it is to be job hunting, believe me. But it does appear as if you've had a blast with your friends in town and all. And it sounds as if you really needed the time to enjoy yourself and destress a bit. And as for the poker photo, I LOVE that picture of you. Good luck with the job hunt. We all know what a great writer you are because we've been reading you for years. It was their loss and that's for sure.

arbyn said...

Too bad about the poker job. And after you did so much intense research!

So, your cleanse over yet? Huh? Huh?

BecsLifeOnline said...

Good luck with the job hunting Lusty. x