Monday, July 23, 2007

90's Rewind Part Two: Silverchair

Speaking of having herself thrown into the 90's Wayback Machine, guess who got herself dragged to a Silverchair concert on Saturday night?

That's right, ME.

That's right, SILVERCHAIR.

Yes. The band is still around. I know, I couldn't believe it either. In fact, when I heard that there was a Silverchair concert a few weeks back, I first said "Silverchair? Why do they sound familiar?" and then, "Ohhh, Silverchair. Didn't that guy have anorexia?" and finally, "Ha ha ha. Silverchair."

See, all my memories of Silverchair are from like 1997 or some stupid year, and revolve around a band formed of 3 shaggy-haired Australian teenagers who sang about "Tomorrow" and "you gonna wait fat boy."

So, when a month ago my boyfriend said he was suped duper excited about this Silverchair concert, I thought A) he was joking B) he was kidding or C) I had really HAD stumbled backwards into the 90's. In fact, I had just heard "Tomorrow" on my Sirius Radio's 90's alt channel (that's channel 24 for you Neily).

Turns out that after Silverchair disappeared from the radar, the lead singer Daniel Johns was diagnosed with anorexia, then became bed-ridden with crippling arthritis for a year, all while marrying the gorgeous Natalia Imbruglia and making FOUR more albums after Frogstomp.

All this time, Silverchair continued on with their bandy ways, making music and touring and all that, while North America had literally no idea... I mean, seriously (they have a new album coming out - does anyone on this continent know that? I doubt it).

Anyhoo, to make a long story short (too late), the Rockstar was super excited about seeing one of his favourite bands and wouldn't shut up about this concert for the longest time. Although he did shut up about it around me since every time he uttered the word "Silverchair," I would give him this really amused look (probably because I was starting to confuse Silverchair with "Hanson").

Saturday comes around at any rate and while shopping with a friend, I get a text from the boyf. Apparently he's come across an extra ticket to the sold out show and wants me to accompany him. He said he would pay and everything, he just really wanted me there with him, sharing in the magic that is Silverchair.

My first thought was, "Really? He actually wants me to go to the concert with him?" (I wasn't used to my company actually being requested) and my second was, "Ha ha ha ha. OK. Fat boy, wait till tomorroooooooow" (and then I started singing in my head).

So I agreed and it was the best choice ever.

Silverchair was fucking awesome. I only wish that I had listened to their CDS before the concert because then I would have enjoyed it even more so, but even though I didn't know a single song, I had an awesome time. They were freakin' brilliant live and Daniel Johns (though recovering from Laryngitis) blew us all away. I was also really stoned for the first time in years - which really added to the moment. As well as this joke below:

This video was taken from someone at the concert on Saturday. Daniel Johns is telling a pretty funny joke (funnier when you are high) -but don't ask about the turban. I have no idea why he has it on... indeed, my first thought when he came on stage was, "My God, they have all grown up...and become Indian."

This video is of the song Without You - yeah, I think the person was in the mosh pit (I was slightly to the right of the mosh pit).

So yeah. Awesome concert, even though it was one of those shows in which you wish you knew the words... or the you just kinda bob your head up and down and try to guess what words you can mime next (so you don't look like a non-fan idiot). And now I'm probably going to download the albums, listen to them, love them and then wish I had seen them live.... oh, wait.

PS on an ironic note, the band that opened for Silverchair was a crappy band that the Rockstar's band had lost to in a competition for a BIG record label last month. Yeah. That's right. Had they have won, they would have opened for freakin' Silverchair! Which would really mean something if the rest of the world knew the band was still alive and kicking... ah well, I guess I'm a believer now.


jackiesque said...

my heart beat a little faster with patriotic pride when I heard you mentioned silverchair. much like when the wiggles are referenced in scrubs.

it's true, while the rest of the world has been asleep we've been holding amazing silverchair albums close to our chests. they've only grown more brilliant with age and i'm glad the rest of the world (well, you) knows it now.

this is all. ooo, and i love your blog despite never commenting before. thanks.

Kass said...

dragged! You were dragged there? Yeah right! lol

Dahna said...

i have to admit I also had a little patriotic pride there too about that lil' aussie band silverchair, that aint so little any more. They are pretty good, huh?

Neily said...

Their new single is awesome! Little undecided on their album though.

Also on a side note: If Johnsy wasnt married to Nat Nat I would be convinced he batted for his own team. Not that there's anythign wrong with that.

Scorpy said...

Silver Chair and another Aussie band called 'Powderfinger' are touring throughout Australia very soon. Tickets have already gone on sale but (I think) they are sidestepping most of the big cities and heading bush. They are even coming to my little rural town (60,000 people). I think it is sold out already.


Silverchair? Never heard of them, but perhaps I should give them a listen?

And this is off topic and hopefully received well when I are adorably cute in your photos.

surfercam said...

Silverchair are still MASSIVE in Oz.

M said...

wow, it totally surprised me that you think of them as a 90s band. For us Aussies, they've been in the public eye pretty consistently since that time so I don't think of their early days anymore. In fact I totally did the whole "oh god, I forgot about that" when you mentioned "tomorrow".

They've really developed their craft since the old days!