Monday, May 22, 2006

Post Graduation Syndrome

I think I am suffering from a disease that doesn't have a name yet. Maybe it's not so much a disease but an affliction. It's called: Post Graduation Syndrome (I know I just said it doesn't have a name but this one seemed so fitting).
There are many symptoms of this affliction, the main one being a constant state of confusion. I am in a constant state of confusion. I don't know what is up and what is down. I am moody and irritable. I am restless and frustrated. I am ancy and nervous, self-doubting and lazy. I am having issues with everything and everyone.
Why? Because I am a recent graduate of University and thus am ill-prepared for the real world and whatever else may follow it. Maybe others out there are ready for this. I thought I was. My solution was to run away and travel. Well, I did run away and travel and now I am back. And what happens when you run away from your problems? You'll eventually have to meet-up with them someday. And since my little trip was only two weeks long, that someday came a lot faster than I had thought.
I had a list, you see, of things I had to eventually do when I got back. Things that needed to be done in order to transition myself into the "New World." The first thing on my list was: Start writing. And I haven't done that yet (does this blog count?). Which frustrates me because all I have to do is...write. And yet I can't. It's not writer's block because you can only have writer's block after you have attempted to start writing. And I haven't attempted yet. I just think about it and say "tommorow"...and then I repeat the phrase the next day.
The second thing I had to do was find a job. Now I am currently looking for jobs, but at what I thought was a casual pace. Looking online, here and there, scoping the scene and emailing my resume when something caught my eye, all the while thinking "when June comes I'll really start pounding the pavement." Then I thought about it. It's not like I want to be a waitress or something. Writing jobs are hard to find. The Internet really is your only ally and the work I have been doing thus far is about the most that I CAN do. Maybe it's all luck but it's kind of frustrating. I know what I want to do and won't accept anything less. However, in this industry and especially in Vancouver, good things are hard to find. Hopefully though, to use another cliche, good things come to those who wait.
The third thing that I had to do was find an apartment. And I did. I lucked out, a real steal, $635 in Vancouver Westside by Dunbar and Kerrisdale. One bright and airy bedroom basement suite with a fantastic garden and includes all inemities (except phone and internet). Now if only the other two "goals" will follow suit. Then maybe my syndromes will go away.
One down, two to go. Doctor's orders.


somethinglikebradshaw said...

Well hey, you went to Spain, you've got a good boyfriend, you're gorgeous and you've got friends like me phhhhshhhaaaa a job is just a tiny little thing to focus on haha just kidding

jeff and ross said...

(some guy you don't know)
I also heard you've got a good boyfriend. Prince among men, i heard.

Wanderlusting said...

Actually, my boyfriend is a Prince Among "some guy I don't know," looks like you got some bad information. mwaha