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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Halloween Party

My Halloween Party was on Friday night. Once again, I was unsure of how I was going to fit a bunch of people in my 430 sq ft apartment, but once again, I prevailed. Anyway, I know I was freaking out over my costume, but in the end, I was a swell Peg Bundy.

I even roped Ross into going as Al Bundy. I know the similarities weren't mind blowing (thank God!) but I think it worked. He did have to stay by my side and show off his name tag that said "Al" but people still got the point.

We also had another TV couple there, Ricky and Lucy from Canada's Trailer Park Boys. Here is Ricky getting a beer...
....and playing the Drunk Driver drinking game (which, fortunately, does not involve any drunk driving).

Here is me and Lucy, getting into trouble with my handcuffs. This is a typical pose for us. The only problem is that the handcuffs are easily opened without using the key. Had I known that before I bought them, I wouldn't have forked over the $30. Still...they are fun.

The best costume of the night, had to be the three guys who went as the Blue Man Group. Their costumes were insanely good and felt sooo weird to touch.

The only mild disaster of the night was the fact that the jell-o shots I made, didn't hold together as well as I hoped. But in the end, I just ended up serving it in bowls, and it still did it's job. As did the homemade punch. I don't think there was a sober person in the house.

Peg, Lucy and a Gypsy pretend indulge in bad habits. (Don't we look sooooo cool)

Al, Ricky and Gypsy before the Jell-O shots set in...or maybe afterwards. I don't remember.


Anonymous said...

You are one hot Peg Bundy and a brrraaaaave girl to wear Bike Pants.

Anonymous said...

Ever thought about going red?

Indiana said...

Stay Blonde please!!! Too many of my readers are already redheads and if I get another one I think I'll have to change my blog title to "Besieged by Red" ~grin~

Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Wanderlusting said...

Ha, no worries there Indy. When I'm not blonde, I don't feel like me. But, if I had to, I would rather go red than brown.

Katy ~ yeah, thanks. It helped if I didn't look in the mirror too often.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Looks like a lot of fun and I loved the costumes! I fear my husband and I are going to have the same problem with our costume that you did. If he doesn't stay close to me no one will know who he is...

Unknown said...

Looks like a rollicking good time!

I too, have had jello shots that did not gel, but it didn't matter one bit, we drank them anyway.