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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Absinthe + Birthday = Barf

Thus is the equation I figured out last night and on through today. But hell, it was my birthday and I could drink if I wanted to. Although the fiery green potion may have been taking it a little too far.

Anyway, my birthday party ended up being a success, even though it got off to a bit of a rough start. Something shitty or crappy always happens to me on Bdays so I wasn't too surprised to find out at the last minute that there was no reservation made for me. Even though I was in contact via email with the restaurant manager who said she would make the reservation.

So, not only was my party of ten possibly facing a bday at Mcdonalds (and it would have been a McDicks without a playground) because I had no back-up plan but we were also informed that it was "comedy" night (groan) and that everyone would have to pay $5 cover. If I had known that when I made my reservation I wouldn't have bothered. Of course, according to them, I never made a reservation anyway.

What followed was a bit of cursing and hair-pulling on my behalf while I stomped around my apartment, my dress billowing behind me, while I screamed "Don't they know it's my birthday? HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO ME!" and then wrote the restaurant a scathing email (which thankfully contained less profanity than what I was spewing outloud).

In the end, we went down to the restaurant and Ross had a little talking to with one of the managers (assertiveness in a guy = sexy). I don't know if the manager found Scots to be threatening or if they had actually gotten my email but in the end we were comfortably seated in a little lounge area, didn't have to pay cover and my first drink, a Kir Royale, was bought for me by the bartender.

Of course the comedians sucked (though the MC was surprisingly funny), the bill was huge and the waiter refused to split it (I don't know why) and after John and Leanne left (it was Monday night and most mortals have to work in the morning) Ross was the only guy there. Despite us being together for over 10 months there were quite a few of my friends who never properly got a chance to meet him. It was quite a funny sight to see five of my girlfriends crowded around him, giggling at his accent and trying to get him to say "aye." And then I started to try and get him to say "aye" too, despite hearing it everyday. He probably didn't appreciate that.

After way too many drinks, the party split up but Ross, Susan, Savannah and I bravely continued into the night by going to the Freehouse bar on the corner of Denman and Davie.

This was a classy little bar, expensive of course since classy and cheap don't go together (though I like to think of myself as classy and cheap). This is where we encountered Tennents beer (The Pride of Scotland) which made Ross happy and the absinthe, bought for me by those wicked Tsawassen girls (see below) which made me happy. Well, it made me pretty fucked up if I must say. Apparently I was grinning at Ross like an idiot but he doesn't even know if I knew I was smiling at him.

Left: Don't chew with your mouth open leads to..

Right: Don't pick your nose (or demonstrate how you injured your nostril while play fighting)

Left: Absinthe leads to...
Right: Absinthe face

Anyway, I woke up today with a mother of a hangover. Thankfully I spent most of the day in a coma. But hey, if you can't get wasted on your bday, when can you?

Left: One silly face leads to...
Right: Another silly face

But to all those who came out to see me (and I know Downtown is far for a lot of you) thanks so much. It was so nice to have my dearest and oldest friends (I've known Amanda N and her sister Jessica -below; right- since I was 6, Savannah and Susan since I was 15...wow, 19 years...ten years. Holy Crap we're old!) with me on my unspecial day, especially since I haven't seen a lot of you as much as I should.

All in all, I would have to say that my Birthday was wonderful. The only dissapointment was that no one bought me THIS as present. Or this. But don't worry.

There is always Xmas! ;)


Anonymous said...

I couldnt remember the last time I had absinth...literally! That stuff fucks you up good but here in the states its not the potent drug stuff like in europe. You gotta get someone to bring it back for you.

Looks like you had a fun time though! Small dinners with friends are the best since you get to spend time with everyone. And me likey the dress! o festive!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday-hangover to you! The last time I drank Absinth there was drama. Drama that I personally can't remember...so therefore it doesn't count.

I'm glad you had a good time. Trust me, that beats making yourself dinner, eating alone and then having cake at an old folks home. I should know.

I hate Beta...with a passion.

almost famous kiwi said...

Now I know what you really mean is that the only disappointment was that I wasn't there, oh the pain the PAIN!!!!!!!!!!

A Girl Like Me said...

I wish I were brave enough to post pictures of myself on my blog. I've considered writing a more open journal, allowing friends and family access.

I have some form of shyness which prevents that! My writing's so personal to me, although any "stranger" can read it.

You're terribly pretty, by the way.

Anonymous said...

aww you looked gorgeous, your boyf is a spunk and your friends seem like a whole lotta fun!!
Of course you had a reason to get trashy!!!

simon said...

i HATE it when you book a place and they tell you you have not done it...

The problem with getting into an arguement is what they do behind the scenes... with the food. (I have a friend who owned a restaraunt and the stories are terrible) urgh....... :o(

Memphis said...

I envy you your fabulous birthday fun. Especially since I'm at work while I look at all your photos of you and your friends out having fun.

Indiana said...

Looks like you indulged in a little bit of the elbow bending?

I must say you make the most interesting faces when you are drinking. ~grin~

surfercam said...

I like how the photos get messier and messier....
Nice work!

almost famous kiwi said...

If anyone wants to be sick, check out my blog to see my roommate the cellar bug. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you had such a fun birthday and hope you have recovered by now.

M said...

heee looks like so much fun :D

simon said...

Almost famous... I did its not so bad.. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Shopping the next day..... not so fun!! Wanna come back with me?? I have to order it in before X-Mas and I CAN'T decide!! poo

ps..... somewhat resentful that I managed to out grow my Amanda N phase and you brought it screeching back!!

(I guess not AS bad...Amanda seemed nice ;op)

Cupcake Blonde said...

I sounds like you had a terrific night!

I've never had absinth but after seeing it in action on Eurotrip and now reading about your experience, it might be something I must try.