Saturday, December 18, 2010

Faith No More in LA - Part Two


Uuugh. So I woke Wednesday morning feeling extremely hungover. Actually, I felt loopy and fine (and I surprisingly looked good) at first but that's because I was still drunk. I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep after all.

My hungover state made for very slow movements the entire day (and a few EPIC brain farts, such as missing my invite to watch Faith No More SOUNDCHECK because I read a text wrong...I'll never live that one down - no really, don't ever bring it up).

On the plus side, I joined my friend T who was staying with her family at the gorgeous, infamous Chateau Marmont. I'd never been before and felt very much like a "lady" who lunches as we sipped mimosa's in the restaurant courtyard, ate their awesome fries and kept a sly look out for celebs and wheelers and dealers (saw Chris Cooper coming in, that was cool. Not as cool as drunk Keifer Sutherland I saw at the Roosevelt a few days before).



After that, I went back to my hotel and got ready for what was sure to be another long night. And by long, I mean awesome. How can it not be awesome? THIS WAS FAITH NO MORE'S LAST SHOW EVER!

I skipped out on any pre-beers with friends because I was still a bit shaky on my feet and didn't want the night to go in THAT direction again and went straight to the venue in time to see the opening band, Mariachi Los Toros. Yes, a mariachi band! And they were fantastic.

Next up was the band Red Kross who were also pretty cool. Lining up to get my pass earlier it sounded like a lot of people were on the guest list on behalf on that band - seemed like it was going to be quite a party afterward!

Strangely enough, this night of the show wasn't sold out and LiveNation was selling tickets for a (fairly insulting) price of $20 and if you paid extra you could get VIP access to the balcony. It explained why there were a lot of LA scenesters and porn stars in the VIP section - cheap tickets to some band they may have heard of once? Why not? But, you know, the strategy worked, the Palladium was freaking packed and the energy was incredible.

Anyway, show time! My friend and I ran downstairs and scuttled into the photo pit for possibly our last time ever shooting this *tear*

The band opened up with something new - Pills for Breakfast, an aggressively instrumental track off their first album. Sounded amazing and really made the pit experience special in my mind.












After the pit, we went back up to VIP to watch. First I tried beside the stage but it was too packed, and at the back of the crowd I couldn't see anything (damn my short legs) and even though the balcony was pretty packed too, I at least could see what was going on.



* Rocking out to Cuckoo for Caca. There were two bimbos next to me, you know, total 'WOOO Girls', blonde, collagen lips, fake boobs, teeny tops, who obviously did not know the music at all and were trying to SEXY DANCE to Cuckoo for Caca. It was such a fail that I actually had to move my bangs across my eyes so I did not see them out of my peripheral vision.

This is Cuckoo for Caca...

You can imagine the hilarity in dirty dancing to this. And then I turned to the guy next to me who was clutching a poster like it was going to fly away and said, "Always the best song live, one of my favourites"

The guy looked at me as if I had two heads and then left the venue a few songs later. Yes, some people did not belong there and didn't get it.

Which was a shame because then he missed one of the best songs of the night, a cover of "Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye".

My goodness, people. If you were there, you know what this song means to us all. I mean, look at the lyrics:

It was their last show and, wow, it broke my heart. Patton, the whole band, performed it so well, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It's taken me three weeks to listen to it WITHOUT crying. And I failed. I just watched it again and cried.

Le sigh. Here it is:

After that emotional experience, my friend and I went down to the floor for the encores to get more "into it." My view was shoddy but the sound was a 100X better at the back and I really felt the REAL fans were here. It was a great choice and allowed us to experience the OUTSTANDING "This Town's Not Big Enough for the Both Of Us" - a song originally performed with the band SPARKS and this time, SPARKS came on stage for it.

It was SO DAMN GOOD! Check out this amazing video. One of my fav songs, so much fun and so well done (oh and old guitarist Dean Menta was on stage for this one too which made it extra special.... two keyboardists, two guitarists, two singers - DOUBLE THE FUN:

MIND BLOWING! Watching the above ^ makes me stupidly happy.


That was followed by Digging the Grave (with Menta, still, who has such an energetic stage personality he's just as magnetic to watch as Patton is), We Care a Lot and, finally Pristina. The last song on their last album, it's never been a favourite of mine but I'll admit it's a totally different animal live.


Of course, Patton just had to stage dive to this song (which really isn't a stage diving song) and attempted to sing the rest while crowd surfing on top of a fairly grabby crowd. They wouldn't let him go - to the point where he had to punch a few people in the head because they were grabbing his junk. Poor Patton - or, well, he DOES know what he's getting into.

Eventually he was returned to the stage and the concert just ended like that. I couldn't believe that was it... no one could. I guess in that respect it was kind of fitting.

BY THE WAY - my official concert review is here if you want a more in-depth look at the last two shows, plus setlist, more photos, etc. But come back when you're done reading!

While I took a few minutes to let that information sink in (this was my 6th time seeing them this year and ... it was over? FOREVER?), we went to the backstage area. My friend was meeting another friend so he told me to just stay put downstairs (party was upstairs in the VIP section).

He plunked me among three people. Jerry Cantrell (again), Dave Lombardo (um, wtf) and Danny Carey. Now, I'm not a big Tool fan (don't judge) so I didn't realize who Carey was but I do know he's one of the best drummers out there. Well, him and Dave Lombardo. What pleasant company to keep!

Again, a total fish-out-of-water experience for me. But I just started talking to Jerry again cuz well, why not, I was standing next to him and he looked bored. We talked about the show compared to the one from last night, how the crowd was better, all of that. This was his first (well 2nd counting the night before) time seeing FNM and he told a story how Alice in Chains were this close to seeing them in Portugal at a festival but they had to catch a ferry.

Then Dave Lombardo got involved in the conversation. I just let them talk, watching them while in the back of my head I was going "OMFG SLAYER AND ALICE IN CHAINS ARE JUST TALKING ABOUT FAITH NO MORE IN FRONT OF ME." And when the convo died, I couldn't NOT say anything so I said to Dave, "Hey I just wanted to know that I think you are awesome."

To which Jerry said, "he's a pretty good drummer too." Lols.

And whaddya know, he turned out to be the nicest man on the face of the planet. We talked about when Fantomas was in Vancouver, talked about which songs he liked playing live (Spider Baby, Rosemary's Baby and anything off of Director's Cut really which made me very happy) and what the new album was going to sound like (electronic overdubbing of his own drums by Patton, other stuff, themes, etc).


At one point though my friend came back, blew my cover "Don't talk to her Dave, she's a journalist!" but actually Dave became even more interested in what I "did", which was really cool. Even if he didn't care, he acted like he did with utmost sincerity.

Highlight: Dave pulled out his iPhone and said, "Here's a headline for you: Slayer gets nominated for a Grammy" - he showed me the email on his phone that he had just gotten from management informing the band (Slayer) that they got a nom for best song in the metal category.

Congratulations were all around from Jerry, Carey and others. Now I realize that AIC was nominated too but Jerry didn't mention that - guess he didn't want to steal Dave's thunder.

Anyway, I just think that was really cool. And soon it was time to go upstairs for the party.

It was PACKED. Various musicians (King Buzzo, Dean Menta, etc) wandering around with mere mortals such as myself.

And the band Flattbush was there, who are just the best. I interviewed them a few days earlier and honestly, just the best bunch of dudes ever. I was hoping I'd see them backstage so it was great to see them again. The interview might turn out to be a project of sorts that's

Flattbush, Bill (they are on his label Koolarrow) and I

Then I saw my friend Andrew who snuck into the party, proudly toting his setlist. He had gotten photos with the band over the last few days, but not Patton. So I made a $5 bet that I could get his picture taken with him.

Oh boy. I took Andrew over there to see him, just as Dave Lombardo was approaching. So there was a nice ten minutes there were Dave and Mike were just talking about stuff (no, not about Fantomas though I got the impression they hadn't talked in a while), but anyway so we just waited for that. And there were other fans there wanting to talk to Mike too. I could see Andrew was pretty uneasy about it and I started thinking, you know, I'm getting that vibe from Patton, perhaps this isn't the best time.

But I had $5 riding on this thing.

Anyway, when there was a free second I tapped Mike and said "Hey, can I introduce you to my friend Andrew" to which Mike came him the once over and said, "This ugly fucker?"

OH MY GOODNESS. Andrew's face just fell. I laughed cuz it was pretty funny (Andrew is obviously not an ugly fucker) but you know, they have a saying about meeting your heroes...

Anyway, the rest of the conversation between Patton and Andrew went... um, well, it was enough that Andrew made a two-second video about it here. It's pretty much proceeded to happen (WATCH IT - FOR REALZ - HILARIOUS):

But hey we got the picture! What a charmer!


And I got my five bucks!


Ahhh, good times. Anyway, we hung around with Mike for a bit more (who wasn't actually in that bad of a mood, it just depended which fan boys were bugging him... because there was one he was like, "I hate him" - don't know who it was, but obviously getting your picture taken one million times in one night does not make for a happy Patton lols.

Then we decided to leave, found a bunch of people waiting outside (unlike the night before where there was NO ONE), including my friends who were braving the cold:


Then we went back to the W and proceeded to laugh about the night, talk and watch The Expendables.


Yup. That was how I ended the night of watching my favourite band for the last time ever. I watched the WORST MOVIE IN THE WORLD until 4AM. It was MST3K material but you know, I laughed the entire time so it wasn't quite a write-off.

And whenever I think of that movie, I'll think of Faith No More in Hollywood. Ain't that special? :P


mpah said...

I know several people who would want your head on a platter for having a chance to meet Danny Carey and not talking to the man. I may or may not be one of them...

Great write up, I almost stayed for the second show but trying to get in touch with Air Canada while in LA was a gigantic pain in the ass and anyways, it's weird how both nights the crowds seemed... tame. I tried to get some action going the night before and NO ONE seemed in to it, it was pretty shocking and tickets going for 20$ for the second night... unbelievable.

What time did you guys come out on the second night? Cause like I said previously me and several others (including your friend in the hilarious video) stood out back the first night for at least 3 hours and as warm as it is in LA, everyone started getting pretty chilly and we were running out of ways to keep our feet moving and warm.

Again, great pics, love the stories about hanging out with those guys while being a "mortal" but is there ever going to be another PEEPING TOM album ?!!!

I hate you so much by the way

Eyeliah said...

Wow, quite the adventure. Are you sure it'll really be the last show?

Anonymous said...

you're a stupid, pretentious groupie bimbo slut, who thinks she's better than other people but doesn't get just how pathetic she really is, which makes you much worse than the people you patronize.

and i never met you in my life, but just from reading your texts, that are obsessed with both yourself and patton, i can see what a stupid whore you are.

i also heard from a friend that you act like a stupid slut backstage, so shut the fuck up, get your head out of your own and pattons ass and get a fucking life, poser.

Wanderlusting said...

Well-said Anon, that was the most articulate, intelligent insult I've ever received. I guess I shouldn't have posted a picture of the monentary exchange for my whorey-ness :)

Carry on...

A_V said...

Wow. What a world class HATER. lol
Karina is a gem..... Deal with it.

Tami said...

Wow Karina! I'm so impressed. Somebody hates you. Like really hates you. I'm so careful in life I doubt many people beyond those few who actually care for me give me a second thought. You must be doing something right, because it's better to be loved or hated rather than ignored.

Tah-mi ;P

mpah said...

just for fun I ran that hilarious comment through Google Translate a few times, here is the finished product (which reads almost as well as the original)

"You are a pretty stupid, arrogant bitch that it is flesh and blood better than another, but failed, it is sad, even worse than people who attended.

I've seen in my life, but reading the text, this obsession with you and Barton, I think you silly bitch.

I have heard friends say, like a stupid bitch behind the behavior, so get a life and Jenson Button are fucking ass and shit."

OnTheGuestList said...

Just want to say to Karina that whoever wrote that groupie refering comment on here was NOT ME! and I've been accused of it!

I did write a comment about this blog on
and I had not actually read any comments on here before I read it! Honestly! I haven't commented on here for several months and I've never written anything bad!

and it was for a joke on the FNM blog and not that bad, so I want to clear this up and admit that it was NOT ME on here or anywhere else! you can find out who it is anyway, surely?
IP address?

Anonymous said...

the last show, eh ... chile anyone

and um is this really it... time is the wisest one, you'll see

mike said...

You know what my favorite part of the Expendables was?

When they leave the island the first time in that giant plane they decide to circle back and just for the hell of it, destroy that pier and everyone on it. The army dudes that were chasing them, dock workers, Fed Ex guys, homeless people, whoever had the bad fortune of standing on the dock at that time. They just mow them down and then napalm the area. Everyone is toast.

Then 20mins later they decide to fly back to the island. You gotta wonder what kind of person would let them dock at their pier. “Hey, weren’t you the guys who just blew up my neighbor and killed a couple dozen people just a few scenes ago? Yeah, I don’t think it’s cool for you to stay here.”

Anonymous said...

for fuck's sake don't flatter yourself honey. Making up stories that you missed an invite to FNM soundchecks to make yourself seem so important. If it were true, no way would you have ever missed that. Mike's angry face in that photo says it all,
You embarress yourself enough then put others down bashing them on Twitter desperately seeking attention to the extreme. Give up acting like you're Miss Superior and live in reality.

Wanderlusting said...

Anon - I thought you weren't done yet. How nice of you to grace us with your all-knowing presence again.

On a more serious note though, thanks for taking my suggestion from 2.0 and bringing the hate in here. I do write this blog and put it out there for people to see, as I have done over the last five years, and I know the consequences of writing stuff.

Even as stuff as mind-bogglingly controversial as this blog post.

Anyway it's only fair to everyone that you direct your crap at me and NOT on someone else's blog. So thanks for that.


PS I think you may have an anger problem you may want to get checked out. I suggest - for future reference - you don't read people's blogs or Twitter accounts if they enrage you so much. I've said it to you before and I'll say it again. It's pretty easy to NOT click a link. Try it sometime.

Memphis said...

Wow, I knew you'd made it already, but now that you have your own psychotic hater it's pretty much confirmed. You are a superstar, Karina! I only get haters on Twitter and Facebook. Pshaw!

I loved this post and especially the photos. It sounds like it was a great show.

Tami said...


It's nice to know that you know exactly what Patton is thinking. You must be psychically tuned into his thoughts. A few things I'd like to have cleared up. Will there be anymore US Mondo Cane dates? Will Nevermen with Doseone and Tunde ever see the light of day, and will there be a tour? I've read that new Peeping Tom will be different than the last. How so? Who is the new bass player for Tomahawk? Thanks for having these burning questions cleared up for me.

smokeyandbella said...

The people that post the nasty comments on this and 2.0 blogs are the actual groupies. I will not use disparaging terms like ‘slut’ or ‘bimbo’, as there is no reason to stoop to that level. When one person gets access to a band while someone else doesn’t, it brings out the jealously, in very ugly ways.
I agree that Karina has officially made it now; the haters are coming out of the woodwork. Chin up, Karina, take the abuse and make it a positive!

Anonymous said...

i'm following you!
loving your blog, and i'll be back for sure!
have a merry christmas and happy holiday!
and come visit COSMICaroline for some more holiday cheer!!


OnTheGuestList said...

Somebody was too much of a pussy to post under their real identity again. I just want to say one more thing, and that is that I've had lots of similar comments on my blog in the past and on different band forums (jealous fans of bands I've worked with, etc.)and the best thing to do is just delete them if you can or ignore completely.
I admit it was very stupid of me to have had a dig on but I've just been very offended by your past digs aimed at me on Twitter, and I had some bad family news this week. I just flipped. Then I got even more annoyed that I got accused of writing anonymous spite on here!?! I would never post anything Anonymously anywhere and write such worthless spite. People can find out IP addresses, etc. Carry on writing this and don't give a damn about stupid comments by people too pathetic to reveal who they are. Probably for the best to tone down the bragging and don't write anything too personal about band members backstage and all that, as it can get people's backs up. My advice is to focus fully on CoS and the serious writing, nevermind any behind the scenes stuff. You'll find you'll receive respect and no more of the backlash. You may go on thinking negative things about me (as I've seen judging by Twitter comments) but in the end, I'm the one who's had a career in music for years and I run my own business and you will one day realize that I could've been a good friend to you after all. Remember what I told you all those months ago? That I though you were a good writer and that you should be getting PAID to write for a magazine. Despite all that's been said between us, I still stand by those words because I happen to like your articles. I've never been "the enemy" at all. Learn a lesson from all this.
That really is the last comment I will make.

Plain Jane said...

All these mentions of IP addresses are funny like that actually means something in this day and age when people have internet on their phones and Ipads. That is just my 2 cents.

It seems some people have the wrong idea about your blog. I don't see any "bragging" at all and also it's ironic that you're considered "bragging" when you talk about how it feels to be a mortal among rock gods (face it, Carey IS a rock god). That also makes the "prententious" comment ironic when you end your blog talking about The Expendables. What a snob!


My advice? Don't listen to anyone giving you any "advice." Keep writing what you want to write and we'll keep reading (though more fashion pics would be nice now and again, huh?! I may stop by more often to drool.)

A_V said...

Hey Anon, *embarrass, not "embarress"
You spelled it wrong on FNM 2.0 as well....under the name "SOPHIE"

Anonymous said...

I may be a alone in this thought but a little noteriety isn't a bad thing.

The fact that people are so annoyed by what you write - which I think is fun stuff by the way - enough to take it to an actual other blog and write about YOU says a lot about them and a lot of about you. It makes them look stupid and pety and you look better.

Lots of people have said the same thing here but thats because its true. So bring on the haters! means you are doing something right. Enjoy it. For every person saying you should stop writing and bragging about things, frankly I think you should do more of it! theres no such thing as a blog or twitter police anyway!

~ Sarah (not anon!)

Kass said...

*hi5 Mark!* buuuuurrrrnnnn

Dom said...

HAHAHA this is so funny!I only just read all that crap on 2.0. Jesus. Hypocrisy on the internet LOL.
"Sophie says:
December 20, 2010 at 4:18 pm

@alien_visionary – Whoever you are, I was only making a point, if somebody tweets and writes about using band’s backstage toilets more than once, always showing off about being backstage, etc. etc. then it’s rather groupie style info. "
Pretty fucking hilarious from someone who calls herself OntheGuestList.
Looking at the emails listed for her"work" it's all LMAO

The girl who writes this blog is clearly just a lucky fan, who is still boggled about HOW LUCKY SHE IS! I think that's very clear. Anyone with a site called "OnTheGuestList" is clearly the one who "brags." So get off your horse, love.
And if possible OnTheGuestList, please stop posting on blogs, getting sick of seeing your bloody long comments about shit everywhere. Just enjoy the music and take pics and can the rest.

In other news, that Patton impersonation is great! HAHAHAHAHA.

Fashion Court said...

LOVE the pics - and i love how you're like "hey, i'm with the band!" LOL. you fit in so perfectly (in a good way, of course!):p

Plain Jane said...

so I came back here to add a little tidbit (Slayer had a Grammy nomination before) and then I I see that Sophie and Anon are really the same person.

A_V lol thats a good find actually.
I dont know this 20 blog but thats pretty funny that you found out the link lol. sSorry dont mean to laugh but on my personal real life blog I deal with this shit all the time and i love the just deserts!

Plain Jane said...

sorry also had to add that anyone going through the trouble of pretending to be an anonymous person and then actually commenting later and dispariging the "anon" commentor should get some meds maybe. that crazy shit would not be torlerated IRL.

smaak said...

Dear Karina,
Don't pay attention to people with no life, You're great. I've been following the blog for quite a while and can only be jealous. Thanks for the post!

OnTheGuestList said...

Look here, I've just read all this and I AM NOT THE ANONYMOUS PERSON.

I'm sick and tired of being accused of all this and I want it to stop once and for all. Okay, I was a twat for posting on the newfaithnomore blog, but I knew nothing about any rants on here until I saw it for myself. I am NOT responsible for posting smut on here. I have a lot more important things to do than bother with writing such crap.
Stop accusing people, it could be anybody, but it's not me.

Dom said...

No one is accusing you of being the anonymous poster...just of being a raging twat. Stop giving nice girls advice on how to behave when everything about you draws attention to just how shallow and insincere you are miss "OntheGuestList." At least other people are fans of MUSIC not of celebrity status, which it is overtly clear is your only obsession. Now go away and leave the music lovers in peace.

Tami said...

I'm still waiting on Anon's psychically retrieved Mike Patton answers to my music questions. Or does Anon's psychic connection to Patton end at what his thoughts and feelings are about every girl (groupie slut) he meets backstage?

Mike Tattoo said...

I really miss that

I can’t lie.

Wanderlusting said...

LOL, I hear ya Mike. It wasn't my fault it was shut down... :)

Lucius said...

Hi my name is Luke and I would love you all to check out my blog.

This has been a great read.
Jealousy sucks.

Peace & Love.

R said...

Oh Goddamn! Your poor friend. Is that really what happened (minus the spit)?

Wanderlusting said...

Mike - meaning the COMMENT section was shut down. Blog wasn't.

R - nah, it wasn't that bad. Mike was just being funny/lippy. It was pretty funny though.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee

(i'm not the frustrated anon) I'm Just passing by on this thread.

Forgive my crudeness before i begin. I'm a few sheets t'wind.

Anon. Chillll Maaan. Everything's okay...She didn't fuck the guy, Nor are they planning on getting hitched : So how come you're getting your knickers or yer pants into a twist?

We all flirt and make a cunt out of ourselves after a skinful of drinks.
So shut yer arse and give your mouth a chance.

It tickles me whenever an online slanging match takes place after any patton blogger, fan, follower or whatfuckingever, states AAA and chitterchatter with the chosen one.

Right! Down to the pecking order and a few aspects of its complexities! (only kidding)

Sorry i'm trailing off. (a few home brews)

Hee Hee

Mike's angry face in that photo says it all,


(My words) Mike Patton 9 times out of ten when photographed will have a face like smacked arse.
Perhaps he's eaten half of his teeth?
Maybe it gives the high hats more treble with his beatboxin. Who knows?

Yes, Patton is talented and skilled vocally...and we all want to shag him blah blah blah etc
But FFS! some of his onstage antics on this SCWT require an exorcism.

Fuckin hell this message is takin ages lol!
faffin about etc.

i've noticed that anon is what we english call foreign... the person is either pissed(drunk)
or drugged up. or maybe all three.

lusty you are a very attractive bird. and of course, you being pictured with rockers is going to attract allsorts of niceties and mayhem plus the players.

I’m gonna sign off

I've been neglecting my cider.